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My symptoms

This is and still sometimes a list of symtoms I had with quitting and most of them started on week 3.

Dizzy spells

Anxyisty attacks

Feeling sick were that I couldn't eat for a week

Depression/crying feeling like I cudnt carry on

Crazy dreams

Tiredness/no sleep ( still get that but not as bad)

A feeling like I just couldn't be botherd

Snappy un happy person

Tight chest like someone sitting on it mostly at night


Cravings to point ov crying

Bleeding gums/ ichy skin on me face,spots.

I still have a few of them now but not as bad. Ever quit is different the last time all I had was cravings.. And another time I had non at all.. This as got be my worse quit ever.. But I'm determind to ride um all out.. Iv not put this to try and scare anyone as you may not get any of theses or u may get all ov um and more. It's just more ov a guide to put minds at rest if ur getting any ov them symptoms.. So this is wot I have gone thru and still get some ov um.. But still see ur GP if ur worried about anything

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