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6 months

Hi all, I am now in the 6 months room, I cant believe how far I have come and am rather pleased with myself. At the start I was on this site serveral times a day for reassurance and it fuelled me in my quit, it gave me the support I needed and could see other people going throught the same struggles as I was going through. Now I be on the site a few times a month mainly to see how others are getting on. I quit by using patches for the first 2 days and then I went cold turkey,this method worked for me but I am a great supporter of using whatever best suits your individual needs. So I thought I would just share a brief description of my journey and I wish all the new and current quitters out there a massive good luck and thumbs up and it does get better, it never completely leaves but as time goes on its easier to handle the notions of smoking!! best of luck everyone ;)

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Brilliant! Well done on being 6 months quit. It can be done and you should be proud of yourself!


Yes - absolutely well done. Brilliant achievement - half a year. :D

I'll be ever so glad when I get there! :D


Its amazing to think of how it was in the first days and weeks of a quit and how it is after 6 mths, very well done.



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