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No Smoking Day
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Proud to be a quitter!

Hello everyone! My name is Kev, 29yr old male from Basingstoke in Hampshire and I'm new to the forum.

I quit smoking roll-up cigarettes on June 4th of this year and am now into month two of giving up the bad habit and I feel great! I'm proud to say that I have gone this far whenever people ask me and I really want to keep going. I am using an e-cigarette to help with the cravings (mainly when I drink alcohol) and I find it really helps. Since I quit the roll-ups, I have started getting fit and eating more healthier foods and I have noticed a positive change in my outlook and personality and I NEVER want to go back.

I hope to gain some good advice and have some good convo's with you all and, most importantly, I wish all the quitters the very best of luck in kicking the habit and staying smoke-free! :)

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Hi Kev

Don't know why I'm still here at this late hour, I'll never get up in time for work in the morning.:confused:

Congratulations for reaching two months and for sounding so cheerful and positive about your quit. I'm just starting day 4 myself but I hope I will be able to say the same as you in a couple of months time.

Well done and keep on going.:)



Hi EvieB, thanks for the reply. (I'm posting so late because I'm AT work, good old night shifts!) :(

Thank you for your words of encouragement. :)

I can't really believe that I'm doing as well as I am, especially after 5 years+ of trying and failing but hey, I guess if you really want to do something then you will achieve it in the end with a bit of determination.

Well done to you for going 4 days without smoking, keep on going, you can do it. How long did you smoke for and how many a day were you having?

Kev :)


Cracking age to stop smoking Kev so keep it up. You will really feel the benefits from it too. I wish i gave up around that sort of age. In fact i wish i hadn't started in the first place. :)

I also smoked rollies, well changed to them a few years back and i could feel the impact it was having on me. I'm 39 and hopefully smoke free for good.


Hi Kev

Welcome and congratulations. You sound very positive and determined, which is a big chunk of the battle - mind over matter and all that!

As you will see, plenty of advice and guidance on here as and when you need it, as well as reporting your progress or having a rant if you need to let of some steam! :eek:

Look forward to hearing how you get on. Onwards and upwards :D



Welcome Kev, I've had many a pint in Basingstoke years ago, brings back memories!

Good luck and hope it keeps going well , I'm only 19 days but it is getting easier already, the last two days have been my best yet. And I agree, be proud, it's an achievement in itself for anyone that kicks the fags for any length of time :)


Welcome Kev and well done! Hope to be kept up to date with your progress and as they say Onwards and Upwards. We have quite a few new quitters this week which is brilliant and you can all keep a check on each others progress. It is great to know that you are not alone in your quit.:)


Thanks for the messages people :)

rogue - Cheers and I definitely wished I never started in the first place too! It's funny because as a kid I was always dead against smoking so it was quite ironic that I ended up a smoker. Still, it's all in the past now! Best of luck to you.

ShazzaH - Thanks for your words, will definitely come here if I need to vent! :D

AngryBear - Cheers pal. Where did you use to drink in B'stoke mate?

Haze56 - Thanks for the message, best of luck to all those quitting :)


Hi Kev

Congrats on starting month 2 I my self will be starting month 3 in a few day.. And I'm now 2 days NRT free.. Although I do have some at hand just incase..

Keep up the good work and post any questions u have or conserns as there will be a member that's gone or gone thru the same as u..

I think iv bin thru all the symptoms of quitting :(:mad:lol


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