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Day 3 ..quite easy

There goes day 3! great problems. Couple of craves and a couple of triggers succesfully battled through.

The biggest trigger was after swimming in the sea, normally a time I go straight to a cig. I sat on some rocks, breathed deep, thought about the reasons I'm doing this and got through it!!

Had a beer later real problem.

In fact I'm finding the physical cravings are quickly dying's the behavioral triggers that give me the hardest time. (After putting polish on the car, I always have a cig before I rub it off etc etc) Upto yet, I'm beating it! and I am keeping very defensive, never off guard, never still, never bored.

I hope no one minds these posts. They keep me focused, almost like a log book of progress! I take lots of strength from simply reading other posts.

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Hi Phil, nobody minds your posts. The more the merrier. Glad you are finding it easy. Are you going CT? You are making us all jealous with your sunshine and swims in the sea :-) I've just completed a month and I haven't had any triggers for a while. It gets better :-)


Una.. hello...yes I am Cold Turkey. This morning (day 4) has been the easiest yet. Toast and coffee but no craving!!

Off shopping now...find that keeping busy is really important. I've got a small moped with a top box and just get the daily essentials which don't include a packet of fags!!

Swimming is vital here. Its been around 40c all week and there's no let up. So an evening swim in really refreshing. I've lived here 3 years now and I now seek the shade far more than I seek the sun!!

Take care.


Glad you're not finding it too difficult. I've lived in so many hot countries that I don't need to be in the sun but I like to know it's there :-)


Hi Phil

Welcome, congratulations and well done. You sound so positive, there's no doubt you can do this! :D And all that sun (shade) and swimming will help. :cool: We'll all get a bit jealous though ;)

As you are finding, plenty of advice on here when you need it, reading the journeys of others for support, and posting yourself. And of course we don't mind - that's what the forum's for! :D

Best of luck - the only way is up!



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