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No Smoking Day
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Reason to quit

My reason to quit was my grandad.. He was a heavy smoker all his life and had diabetes too.. And because of the fags and his Heath he had to have his leg amputated.. After that he was doing well by giving up the fags but unfortunately he starred smoking again after a month. His other leg was getting bad and he still smoked. Eventually he had to go in and have his other leg amputated but this time he sufferd a second heart attract and passed away on the operating table.. That was 5 years ago and iv bin of the fags for 2 months now and everytime I think I Carnt do it I think of my grandad. And I don't want to be like that. :(

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I hear you. Please keep that in mind as u are.

My grandma had some blots clots in her feet about 2 weeks ago and they had to amputAte her leg. The doctors will not say for certain that smoking was a reason but her having clogged arteries could be smoking related due to long term heavy smoking. i feel terrible and i moved from my hometown and cant go there anytime soon to visit.

im 2 weeks quit and wanting a smoke bad..Damn i want just one...I know what will happen if i have that 1. i wont do it but iam hoping it gets better.

Glad u r staying quit..!



wow are experiences are very much the same. wow...my grandma is in danger of losing her other one and she is a diabetic as well...

Smoking is so bad for the human body. Think the damn govts allow deadily chemicals to be added to tobacco to purposely kill us. Terrible world we live in


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