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Woot woot!!

I done a month, I done a month, E I ADDYO, I done a month woot woot :D Yep, as from 14 minutes ago I am in Month 2 woot woot :cool: Problem is, I've been in here twice before and each time I erm, went out through the wrong door, fell down the fire escape and ended up flat on my face smoking like the proverbial chimney :mad: Last time I was here I only lasted a day and that is soooo bad. BUT today is a new day, and a new month, I've got my old bunk back in the Month 2 room and found the sock I left here in January. And I've got a silly grin on my face. Kind of feel a bit nervous though cos I am getting near to my previous best and I don't want to fail again cos it gets a bit tiresome going around in circles quitting then smoking, quitting again and then smoking .... urrggh. But the cravings aren't too bad at the mo, in fact I would say they are more like the occasional strong 'want' than a full on 'gimmeafagnoworIdeckya' kind of crave. So thats an improvement. And I seem to be starting to get a handle on the anger stuff too, well a bit anyway, so another improvement. So hopefully at the end of this month I will get in the lift and go UP to the next floor (menswear) into Month 3.

Meanwhile I am going to have a nice lazy day watching Wimbledon, eating naughties, and getting up to other mischief ;). Can't believe I can watch tennis without smoking lol as it was a big trigger point for me which now seems to have bitten the dust, hahaha!! So for anyone out there struggling trust me, it defo gets better.

Love to all,

Zoe xxxx

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Well done Zoe im so pleased and stop thinking about past quits they are in the past just concentrate on this one and walk tall you have good reason to do so

mind you just watch where your walking :p

oh tennis yep ive been watching it just about to put it on to see if the lovely Andy Roddick is on there yet

do your knitting when your watching it it will keep your hands busy

onwards and upwards is the way to go


Carol x


Congratulations Zoe, Well done. Now don't you go reaching for that fire escape, I won't be having any of that. I'm leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for you to follow.;) I'll do my best not to lose you. There are few enough of us left in the May Quitters as it is.

Congratulations once again, I'll be watching for you when month 3 comes around.



Thanks Carol and Keith :D,

Carol Wimbe got rained off so I came back out to the library again to walk off the 'naughties' lol :eek: Wanted to see Andy Roddick too, but laters I hope. And saw Roger Federer and thought 'how good can this get' lol felt so happy and chilled :cool:

Keith, I am defo gonna follow the trail of crumbs cos I don't wanna crash again, but just for today its all good, apart from being too fat :p but all in good time ....

Zoe xxxx


This time you're gunna do it. K?

Reply are a booby dazzler. A woot wooting Bobby bloody dazzler. So pleased and proud of you. Not one jot worried about your past slips. This is the one. This has always been the one. Well done you lovely lovely non smoking thing you. And, of course, woot woot. :)


Congrats, keep it up zoe!


Woot Woot:D


Keep up the good work Zoe

oh that Roddick game when it finally came on was soo good glad to see him through to the next round mind you didnt know if you noticed his misses wasnt her normal self she seemed to be bored with the game :eek:

so who do you think will win im torn :confused:as i want federer to win again so he can achieve his 7th championship plus he is such a good player and gentleman but at the same time

Nadal is very nice on the eye especially when he changes his shirt :p hehe

just hope we dont get too much rain today :(


That's AWESOME to hear, keep it going!!!!!!!!


Yayyyyyyyy Zoe, well done to you :)

Keep going, 11 more & it's a year :D

Denise x


Thanks for the comments all :D

Halfway through Week 5 now can't believe it :eek:

Still got the hangover from Month 1 urggh but did not smoke.

Didn't even smoke when Rafa got knocked out in the 2nd round of Wimbe cried for 3 days though what am I like lol :rolleyes:

Come on Andy Murray ;) xxxx


So pleased your still going strong Zoe :D

i have to say i was abit shocked when he lost :( not the same without his lovely body to lust over :p hehe

it seems to have had an effect on all the of the other players

and its been a very intense time with some of the matches


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