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Holidays and 80 Days!

Hello Fellow Quitters

Well, I'm off on my first smoke free holiday ever on Friday. I knew I was going to hit 3 calendar months whilst I'm away, so I've just made myself an excel spreadsheet to count the days. Sorry, I know that's very sad!! :o But also very good because it means I'm losing track of the days, which can only be seen as positive (especially after my horrible few days last week when I actually thought the world would end if I didn't get some nicotine!). Thank you all sooo much for your support.

Anyway, now I've done my .xlsx, I see that tomorrow is Day 80. Day flippin' 80, with a Capital 'D' indeed!! Phileas Fogg went around the world in that timeframe!! :D

I doubt I'll get much time to come on for the rest of the week, as I'll be packing and organising (and no doubt also directing Husband H in all things holiday-related). ;)

So just to say stay strong and smoke free everyone, remember we made the right decision and we can do it!! NOPE!! Woo hoo, smoke free 4ever!!

I'll post ASAP after my return - in my new room - Months 4-5!!! :D

BW, Shazza x

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Have a great smoke free holiday Shazza! Glad you are feeling better than last week. :D


Haze - I look forward to reporting back to you that all was fine. Then you can go and book one for yourself. Your def deserve it! :D



Have a great holiday Shazza, I'll be waiting in the new room ready to party:)


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