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103+ days

I haven't posted my progress in a while, so here goes. I'm at 103 days, 11 hours, 24 minutes of smoke free living.

Honestly? I rarely think about smoking anymore, and when I do, it's more of an intellectual thought, not a "physical" thing. I come to this website from time to time just to see how people are doing.

I think I've got this thing licked - but I will never be complacent or let down my guard.

What I find fascinating (and gratifying) is that although there have been many times when I thought I was standing at a feed trough eating everything in sight, I have not gained any weight. I still weigh 240 pounds (isn't that about 17 stone?) which is more than I want to weigh, but I can't blame it on quitting smoking. That's what I weighed back on March 14, too.

I think my success in quitting smoking really boils down to one thing: I refused to make failure an option. From the moment I stopped smoking, I knew I wasn't going to have even ONE cigarette, no matter what. I was ready, I was willing, and I was able.

To me, and in my humble opinion, quitting smoking isn't rocket science. It's simple: you just stop smoking.

Simple doesn't equal easy. I've quit before; I've starting smoking again. I've struggled with cravings so strong they turned my hair gray.

So it isn't easy - but it's quite simple. Just stop.

There's no place to "get to," by the way. All of that is just an illusion. You become an ex-smoker the day you quit. You're already successful. You're done.

After you quit, after that first day, it's just a matter of not starting again. Don't buy 'em, don't borrow 'em, don't pick them out of a public ashtray (I've done all these things).

I'm rambling. My thoughts and opinions are mine and not to be confused with The Truth about anything. They are about what worked for me, and perhaps could be useful to someone who's closer to the beginning of their quit.

So while I'm at 103+ days, it could just as easily be 10+ days, or 1,000+ days. I'm an ex-smoker; I've quit successfully; I'm always on guard (but rarely if ever tempted); and I'm grateful.

Have a nice day!

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Brilliant post! I hope all the newbies and the people who are struggling read this. It puts it all into perspective. Although that is your personal journey, it is so true. It really is that simple.Thanks Dgee.:D


Nice one DGee. As you say what works for you is what matters, saying that your post does make a lot of sense.

I agree "Failure is not an option" we all need to keep telling ourselves that.


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