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Please make some room in the penthouse

Just been reading some great posts from new entrants to the penthouse, common theme seems to be 'none of us thought that we would ever quit, yet here we all are!!!.

I love it, I am 25 days away from taking my spot in the penthouse after a 30 year + smoking career.

Firstly a massive congratulations to all current members of the penthouse and you are all cordially invited to a massive shindig in the penthouse on 19th July when I enter in my 'John Travolta ' white suit and platform shoes for a D.....I.....S....C....O !!!!!!

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we will be ready for you in your platforms i am very much looking forward to it

i agree the theme is 'none of us thought that we would ever quit, yet here we all are!!!. absolutely true for me i was a true hardcore smoker and those early days of my quit were hell but i think once you start seeing light at the end of the tunnel and you start having good days then lots of good days your perception of smoking changes so much and you see it for what it is also i never want to go through those early days ever again so that is one of the things that keeps me quit

cant wait to see you in the penthouse i will start decorating it ready for the saturday night fever theme



:D what a great post and a brill idea :D

cant wait for the 19 now

dont forget to wear the gold chain we could all dress up for the occasion i will have to get my glitter out for my hair and floaty dress ((whick will help hide the weight ive gained :p)

oh and we will have to do the dance too hehe



ha ha ha ha staying alive, staying alive

couldnt resist adding a pic he is still one of my fav hunky men of all time yummy :p


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