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No Smoking Day
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Day 6......nearly one week over !!

Well thats day 5 over and on to day 6... had a bad evening yesterday but glad to say Ive struggled through, not wanting to smoke but my brain keeps reminding me to GO FOR A SMOKE, over and over again yesterday evening, thankfully I know better now and do not want to have to go through this torture again. Feeling alot better this morning:) Well done everyone for getting over another day and keep it up we are doing so well :D

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Good morning Sylvik, I'm glad to be with you on day 6. I felt tired all day yesterday and even fell asleep reading my book in the afternoon. I never ever sleep during the day. Still feeling tired this morning and light headed. Wish it wasn't raining because I need to go out.


Yay we are all doing so well :D I can't believe it'll be a week tomorrow, had a few cravings last night but I got through it (no one ever died from a craving!) and now i'm half way through day 6 - so happy that we are still going :)

Denise x


well done to you all also, we are all doing so well, Day seven tomorrow!! Found it alot easier today :) /checking in here really helps me alot ....thanks all x


Well done everyone - day 7 now! :) Which means ... (drum roll) ... Week 2 tomorrow. Yay! :D:D:D


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