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Day 4 again

After the accident in January, I had a feel very sorry for myself day. My arm was painful where I had landed on it. Every one seemed to be staring at me, looking like the bride of Frankenstein, I seriously had a self pitying, one cigarette wont hurt, moment. One cigarette leads to two, leads to 3, leads to 30 a day again.

So, with my husbands will he/won't he, be made redundant, The accident, The 3rd anniversary of my son passing. I seemed to always find an excuse to keep smoking.

I took a holiday this week. Just a week. But this week I have used it as a do not smoke week. I planned this when I booked the holiday last month. So bloody glad I am back on the wagon. I had my last cigarette on Friday evening. The stopping is the easy bit. Staying stopped is a bit harder.

Was meant to be April, but kept finding the excuses!!!!!

Redlady X

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Well done red for going for it again, you should call into the June 2012 group there are a few of us there now :)

Sounds like you've had a rough few years but you're still doing this, that shows you have strength & you'll do it again :)

Denise x


Thank you Denise.

I will look out for that group. Today is day 5 and I have had a "you want a ciggie" moment a couple of times today. I don't. I think this is because my husband and eldest son are both still smoking. My youngest son doesn't. (I have 3 sons. My middle son passed away. Long story!) But, my husband has promised me that he will quit tomorrow. I am holding him to his promise! My eldest works nights so isn't really around me. I just see his smoking paraphernalia. MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p

Redlady X


Well done on your quit, Redlady. Sounds like you've had a rough ride, and I think it's awesome to use your week's holiday to quit. Give yourself a big pat on the back, keep reading and posting, and take things a day (or an hour, or less!) at a time. There's so much support here to tap into for those moments when you need it.




Well done to you all :)

My husband hasn't quit yet either, but he has booked a seat on the backdoor step :D


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