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so nice to be back in this forum - day 4

Hello everyone,

just wanted to share some thoughts. i love this forum so much and it think its lovely how supportive everyone here is! and i love reading peoples quit journeys too, as there all very different and eevry one struggles on different days.

Im back at day 4 again, after being really upset about my op i chain smoked like a gooden for a day and a half and felt really sick at the end.

i decided i dont want to wait 7 months to quit, and after a few good comments realised that i shouldnt wait for a operation to be a solution to this, it needs to come from me. so im doing it for keeps this time. no desire to smoke as of yet and have my quick mist spray on me at all times :D

i ahve a birthday and a wedding comming up, not going to lie it has me a little worried as i know i will crave during these times, but im not panicing about it, as i want to stay quit more than i fear being with smokers.

hope everyone is feeling good on their quits too. xxx

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Welcome back Nikki glad to hear you've decided not to wait to quit.

I've just been away for the weekend and I was really worried about it but I thought it through and making my mind up as to how I was going to handle.

I was absolutely fine and I'm sure you will be too:D


good to see you back Nikki :)

try not to think too far ahead just concentrate on the day in hand and you will get through it

come on here as much as you can to post and read there is a june quitters group you can join as well :)


Welcome back hun - you can do it :)


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