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Passing time!

I was sitting here this AM, reading various articles, surfing the net mindlessly and realized I had to stop, think, and count how long it's been that I've not smoked. I'd actually stopped counting, it created more stress for me than just getting on with life as an ex-smoker.

There are still bad days, but many, many more good ones. Days when I'm up, days when my mouth needs taped shut. There are days when I have so much energy and days when I don't want to crawl out of bed.

Cravings are rare, if not gone. It's now just the "habit" that lingers. A habit 30 some years it took to fine tune, that isn't going to change unless I continue to change it! I'm finding the habit more difficult to ride off sometimes than I did the nico addiction. I just have to be patient and creative at times to ride the wave.

I'm still here though, not having caved or broken from stride. Still determined to live this non-smoking life. When I first quit I used to say I missed it, almost mourned it's loss. Now I no longer say that. I realize it was not really something I SHOULD miss or need to miss. Something IS missing, I feel it at times, but I'm no longer mourning over it. I try to re-direct my brain to more positive and rewarding habits.

This quit is not easy, and never will be. It's an addiction that I will always know is there, a new wave forever in the wake of the old one for me to ride.

June 9 th will mark two calendar months of being smoke free. It's kind of a "limbo" time I felt, this last month. Physical addiction gone, you settle into a new routine.

Now as I face the beginning of month three, I feel I need to be wary! Wary of not getting too cocky too soon, continue to reshape and retrain my brain!

I hope everyone is doing well with their quit. New quitters, hang in there, it isn't easy, never will be, but it DOES get easier and better!

Cathy. :)

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Now as I face the beginning of month three, I feel I need to be wary! Wary of not getting too cocky too soon

Very well put Cathy. So nice to read such a positive post. You are obviously doing very well.

Re quote above. We must never get too complacent, our addiction will always be waiting to bite us in the backside. My example: after thirteen years I should have know better.

Good to hear from you



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