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Hellllp :)

Once again I will try and quit! I had quit and was on/off for roughly a year and 'it wasn't easy' is a massive understatement. I have willpower, for example, I go to the gym every day, eat healthy etc etc but when it comes to smoking blaahhhh

I seem to be so addicted that every time I 'quit' I was thinking about smoking 24/7

Do you know how annoying it is thinking about the same thing CONSTANTLY arrghh so I needed a break, I quit quitting for a while and just let myself suffer physically health wise for the sake of my sanity, I even developed a stress related skin condition from quitting.. I mean wtf..

anyway the time has come to once again try again, even if I can cut down its an improvement (although I realise this is the wrong sentiment for a forum like this) so Monday morning tomorrow, gum in bag, lets give this another go, I need support, thanks in advance :)

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Great post Una-g you are so right

Good luck Helllp glad to have you with us.

I cut down a lot before i quit completely and it helped a lot.

Havent had a cig for 50 days, have to stick with NOPE (not one puff ever):o


Hey you really sound like me on a few of my past quit attempts! and exactly the same i eat healthy and go gym nearly everyday i love it!! but i had and have this nagging about the smoking as i know thats the key to true health.

The problem was for me, i put to much thought into my quit it was do or die! and i got very stressed about it and become obsessed about quiting smoking! (as pointed out by friends and mum lol) so i decided next time i wouldnt talk about it to people in my life and i would stop reading up about how long how long how long!!!

It really helped and now i can quit for days without thinking about it, but i do struggle with going long term, though i smoke less days than i dont now.

The thing that helps me, and i will carry on with is when i get a crave to smoke, a bad one, i say 'well if i have this, im still going to want to quit again after so whats the point? it will never end if i keep doing this' and it sort of give me a kick up the arse.

Good lucj and take the preasure off, you have your whole life to be smoke free so dont stress about it eevryday of your quit or you'll be stressed for life! xxx


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