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Light at the end of the next tunnel

Im not one to post on here often, I prefer to get my strength from reading everyone elses posts and knowing that Im not alone on this mad journey!. I am on day 20 of not smoking today and go happily into week 3 tomorrow. My question is, does anyone else feel that their desire to drink alcohol has diminished since their quit? Mine is almost non-existent. :eek: Im a 'glass of wine at home after work' person and that has now stopped unintentionally. My body must think its gone to rehab!!!

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lol, I do remember I pretty much abstained from alcohol for the 1st few months of my quit but that was more that I didn't want to put myself in temptations way.


Well done on getting to day 20!

I didn't find quitting smoking had any effect on my desire to drink alcohol. I was probably drinking more than most people at the time, so I may not be representative. I didn't want to give up both at the same time, and quitting smoking was more urgent due to health reasons. So, I decided I would continue drinking as usual.

In fact, I didn't abstain from alcohol even at first during my quit. However, I do know that alcohol reduces inhibitions and therefore might cause some people to say "Oh, fek it, I'm just going to have one fag..." In that case, it's best to hold off from drinking for the first several weeks / months until confidence is fully there.



Day 20 whoop whoop.

In answer to your question - alcohol has always been a factor in my past failures. This time I carried on as usual because I was afraid of putting off the situation. As I have posted previously I am hosting my own cheese and wine partys:eek:

If you don't feel like drinking - don't drink - whatever works for you is good:)

I need to start cutting down but having too much of a good time at the moment he he x


Well done on your 3 week quit! I think it could be the champix! That is what happened to me. I did not drink much anyway but stopped drinking all together when I was on Champix. I now enjoy a lager much more than I ever did before! This quitting lark is complicated:)


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