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299 Days to Go

When I quit, there was a banner on the WeQuit site that indicated how many days until the No Smoking Day of 13 March 2013 (next year).

Tomorrow, it will read 299 days on my monitor. Maybe later today, if it accounts for time zones. I won't be online tomorrow or this weekend, so I'm posting this now.

I'm not sure why, but this is a Very Big Deal to me, to see the number fall under 300 days to go. It has inched along, one day at a time, and it seems like forever.

But it's not, it was only 64 days, and that's not that many in the long view of things.

I'm rambling.

I suppose this means I have 299 days to go before I can knock on the front door of the penthouse, right?

Well, save me room. I'm DEFINITELY moving into the penthouse when they'll let me. :)

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me too!!!


we will be celebrating that day together!:D

i gave up 4th Feb 12

I just checked and i have 299 days until the next no smoking day!!:cool:

we will be going in together, so keep up the good work! I will be following you in the door,:)



It's all good! Yippie Skippy!

But when we get to the Penthouse, I think I'll discard this old Smoking Jacket. Won't need that anymore!


I will burn it with my old lighter!:D


2 days behind you

I quit on the 6th Feb so save me a seat! Haven't we done well.:D


Can I come to the Penthouse too plz? Quit on 13 March and still going strong ..... rarely even give it a though these days !!! Just gotta get this fat off now! hahaha


Well, save me room. I'm DEFINITELY moving into the penthouse when they'll let me. :)

There'll be loads of people waiting for you, that's for sure!



This month has been awful for people collapsing in there quits and for me personally.

I'm still surprised at Denise64 failing but she did say she would get back onto the wagon very quickly. Haven't heard any updates since. :(

Another poster on here who i have the up-most respect for and who i have become quite attached too has caved in( Don't ask who)

People often say words just for comfort for other people but here it's different.

I was totally shocked and gutted for this poster and i still am. Something is missing in my quit now. :(

For this reason i am drawing on even more strength and determination to reach the Holy Grail that is the Penthouse. I have renewed vigor to succeed and i will.

*If you are reading this said poster i mean every word i say. Keep the pm's flowing mate when you have brought some stability to your life*


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