No Smoking Day
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The news from day 12

Is this................................

It seems that I don't have to turn into Jabba the Hutt after all. I don't have to become a colossal behemoth pounding the corridors of time full of chocolate and toast :D

Today I was offered a spearmint chew and declined. Admittedly it was the fourth spearmint chew I'd been offered......the other three were delicious........but thats not the point :)

The compulsive eating (fag substituting) seems to have calmed. I'd be embarrassed to describe my food intake through week I wont. But today....I ate bran, banana and natural yoghurt for breckie. Nothing at all untill lunch which was 2 salad rolls. Then there was the spearmint chew incidents in the afternoon.......(i'm allowing that)......and then nothing till tea when I cooked a delish, hot, and I imagine detoxifying penang curry...served with boiled rice. I now, at this moment, crave neither a ciggie, nor a biscuit. Hoorah and long may it continue.

So all in 12 and still going strong. Hope everyone else is too.


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Eggypops, I think a small "Huzzah!" is appropriate at this point...


Well done you!

Oh, and the recipe for the Penang Curry, please... :)


Huzzah :)

Thanks Pappy.

The recipe for penang curry, you'll be pleased to hear, is very simple since its magic ingredient comes in a pot marked 'penang curry paste' bought from my little local chinese/thai food shop. (I hope you are lucky enough to have such a shop within your reach as I really can't 'big up' penang curry enough)

Other than that you fry up your ingredients of choice. I fry diced chicken with green beans and red pepper. Then pour over a tin of coconut milk, bring to the boil and drop in a dollop of the afore-mentioned paste. The size of dollop dictates the strength of the curry. I've noticed my dollops are getting bigger and bigger. I am cleansed :D

Day 13. Unlucky for some. But not for me.

Have a lovely day Pappy and all.


P.S "Eggypops"...............:D


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