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No Smoking Day
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Make room for me!

Well, I've gone and done it. I quit smoking two months ago today, so I get to move to Month 3.

I must say, the furniture and decor seems to improve with each move. This is a pretty classy room!

I'm gonna mosey around and find out where everything is, since I'll be here for thirty days or so.

I'm delighted to be here; it's great to see other quitters here, and if there's anything I can do for y'all, just let me know.

I plan to have a Knob Creek Manhattan and let this feeling of success just sort of sink in for a while.

61 days. Whoa.

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Woohooo I'm here too - at last!! (tried to get in last week, door was jammed!!)

Look at us & our 2 months quit, casually mingling in month 3 :D

Well done to you & all the others who quit when we did :)

Denise, insane but smokefree ;)


So well done DGee. Had to google "Knob Creek Manhattan" and yes it sounds good and you certainly deserve it. Not too many now dont want you falling prey to the booze and fags syndrome


Looks as if you need to mix another "Knob Creek Manhattan" up for Denise.

Well done Denise, don't get led astray by DGee now.


Hi DGee,

Sorry for the room invasion :D I just wanted to stop by and say

¡¡¡ǝuop llǝʍ

Now, why are you doing a handstand?

See ya,



You guys are great!

The good news for me is that drinking is NOT a trigger for smoking this time around. It used to be, but then, EVERYTHING used to be. (Remember, back in college I even smoked in the shower.)

So it's a pleasure to get this far, and to be in such esteemed company is even better. :)

Tell you what: I'm going to make a round of Knob Creek Manhattans for everyone. If you don't care for one, just give it back to me and I'll have two. Or three.


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