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Day 7

Hi Everybody!!!!!!!!!

Day 7 today and still feeling good.

There were a couple of times yesterday that I thought ooh it would be nice to have a poison stick now. Had chat and told myself it was just habit and didn't need one. I didn't need it, all it would have done was feed the poison monster in me. He is getting sly.

Not had any thoughts like it today but I bet he will try later but in another way so will be ready for if he does.

Slowly breaking the old habit of automatically reaching for cig at certain times of day.

Well onwards and upwards, better get some work done before the boss arrives.


Ps. Raining again and it's so good knowing I wont be out in the cold and wet having that nasty cigarette because i don't need it. Monster may need me but i dont need him. :D

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Well done hun,I hope you put any money you would have spent on cigs away so you can treat yourself to something nice.

You are doing great.

Joan xxx


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