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day 11 yay

Hi everyone, some people might remember me from last year, and the year before and probably the year before that :), i always end up caving in on about day 4. this time i thought id try that quickmist spray, i cant believe how easy its been this time around. the spray tastes absolutly minging though, but it seems to be working.

i signed up for the race for life this year with my 10 year old daughter, so i thought i better start getting fit (didnt want to be crawling along after the first mile lol) im so pleased with myself, well i must be to be able to post on here, i got sick of writing on day one, then again how id failed a few days later.

this is it for me now, the only ones that are suffering now are my children coz i keep eating all of their goodies they leave around :p. keep up the good work everyone, and i wont be seeing you in day one again. xxx

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What a trouper:)Welcome backx

Never give up giving up xxx


Thankyou :D

well day 12 and still no problems, i just cant stop laughing, dont know if its to do with not smoking or not, but ive been sat here for hours with tears running down my face, keep reading them daft iphone autocorrect messages, people must think im mad. xx:eek:


Well done Blackrose, I bet your daughter is so so proud of you.

And you be proud of yourself, stopping smoking is not easy to do, but it is so worth it. Well done hun .

Joan xxx


Thankyou sue, and well dont for getting so far yourself, your only two days in front of me, so ill keep reading your posts to know what to expect lol. Did you quit CT? i tried that so many times, didnt want NRT, but realised i was putting me and the kids through so much stress it wasnt worth it. im looking forward to buying a new quickmist tomorrow, i ran out last night, but luckily i had patches in the house so i used on of them instead.

now waiting for an indian to turn up, going to have them on speed dial soon along with the chinese. :D

thanks for your word of encouragement.

Rachel x


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