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Foxtrotting into day 4


Have reached day 4 today.

Was woken by Oh with my early morning cuppa before he went to work. Drunk and went back to sleep.

Feel bouncier today not sure why. So far no cravings, Maybe it's getting better.

I have dowm loaded a copy of Alan carr so will have a read when I get chance.

I work on my own in a kitchen showroom. If I wanted a fag I had to stand outside but hide round the corner so if any body came to visit they couldn't see me. I was always concious that I must have smelt of smoke when people came in and was always putting body spray on to try and hide it, always had some extra strong mints to pop in mouth as well.

Onwards and upwards we go.

Better got some work done as didn't do much yesterday.

Back later.

Good No smoking day for everybody.


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Just wanted to say, Jane, a very big well done for getting this far.:)

Keep up the excellent work, take one day at a time.

Finished some work I have been doing since yesterday so now off for a read of Alan Carr

We all thought the extra strong mints took the smell away....ohhhhhhhh no they did'nt

Well done and no need for mints now

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