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Day 6

Hi everyone,

I've been reading this forum on and off since about september last year, but it took me until sat May 5th this year to finally join you all on this incredible journey. And wow! What a journey. My thanks to you all are long overdue. I've been clinging to this forum by my fingernails all week, avidly following your triumphs and words of encouragement. It has so helped to relax me and encourage me to believe I can actually do this.

Me. Me who smokes(ed) about 40 a day! Me who is now on day 6. Day 6? Me?! I'm practically jumping on desks and singing it at the world. I'm so elated and excited by it. Not least coz I already feel so much better. I can breathe. Big lovely deep breaths. Yesterday I was in danger of running :-) Me running. Its mad. But I just have all this energy I cant seem to zip safely away. I'm excited. It is so far the single best thing I have ever done for myself in my entire life. And i'm only on day 6 which leaves hundreds of days for it to get better and better and better.

Day one and two are mad though aren't they? Very strange. I was floating about like some kind of drugged up thing. Instead of brains my head may as well have been full of mashed potato. People would ask me quite simple things like 'would you like a cup of tea'........but my mash brains couldnt compute. They just thought eh? What is it that you're trying to say to me. And all the while this voice in my ear constantly.....gis a fag....have a fag...a fag would be nice.....why dont you light and a fag....give me a fag...i want a fag. Like I said. Day one and two are mad. By the end of day two I was exhausted. Absolutely worn out with it....but you a weird way i quite enjoyed it all. Despite the dificulties of day one and two...there was also something quite hilarious about it all. Since then its all been amazingly manageable apart from the constant eating. Crisps biscuits, more crisps, more biscuits ad infinitum. Ah well. I'll address that problem later.

Suppose I ought to mention that i'm just cold turkeying it. Bought myself a book called how to stop smoking and stay stopped for good by Gillian somebody or other (I forget her surname and have now lent the book out) shame on me for forgetting her surname as it really was an excellent book. For me anyway. Read it cover to cover in one night and hey presto. I stopped. Tried the alan carr one years ago. Nothing. Just didnt do it for me.

Anyway sorry. I've rambled on and on. Its the excitement. Cant get enough of telling anybody and everybody that i've stopped smoking. But you lot on here are the important people. This forum has been a massive support for me....both whilst trying to psyche up to stop and whilst stopping. I just think its the loveliest thing that people who've been stopped a long time keep coming back here just to offer a leg up to us beginners. I hope i'll do the same.

Skipping off to bed now. (incidentally I sleep so much better now)

(and wake so much fresher)

warmest regards and thanks


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Wow what a great ramble. Your excitement shines through. A week completed tomorrow thats just great.

Keep the buzz going

Perhaps your not so dippy after all


What a lovely post! I can't believe it's taken you this long to pipe up and talk to us when you clearly have a lot to say!

Fantastic to hear your enthusiasm. Watch out for a bit of a lag when that initial mad thrill wears off a bit - it does catch people out. Keep focused, keep happy, keep busy. You can do it.

And you're right. Being smoke free is FAB.

Welcome :)


PS - your story so far reminded me of a blog I read at the beginning of my quit. I found it funny and inspiring. You might enjoy it too.


Welcome to the Forum, Dippy :)

As Aitch and Hels both say, great post.

It is so far the single best thing I have ever done for myself in my entire life.

That resonates so much for me cos I'm of the same mind.

7 days, a full week, tomorrow :cool:


Aww welcome Dippy love the name hehe, it will be apt soon cos you will have days wen ya feelin nothin but dippy :D and dont be shy no more and if ya need a helping virtual hand just give a shout out and wait , someone will always be along sooner or later , well done you and good luck on your journey :) xx


Hello again and thank you all for the lovely replies. At five to midnight tonight I will have NOT SMOKED for one whole week so you may gather I am no less excited today. Thanks for your sage advice though Helen. I honestly am mindful that I mustn't be tripped up by a sense of complacency or a lessening of this wonderful euphoria. After boring all my colleagues at work with the wonders of it all.....on and on and on with my ever smiling face as they virtually run away from me......I usually finish with some words like. Mind you...its early far so good.....and I really try to remain ever aware that just one weak moment and I could be back in my nicotine prison. The thought of that is just unbearable.

Thanks also Helen for the link. I love it. Very funny and as you say inspiring. I've popped it straight into my favourites bag for multi reading.

On the whole I just cant believe how well I've coped. How quickly I've got from day one to day seven. I've read so many day one's to seven's on here prior to doing my own and it seemed in my mind like it would be a slow tortured agonising haul. Its just not been like that. I've managed to remain calm and so aware of the positives no matter what. The other day.....let me think.....this would've been my day 5. Wednesday. Well. Heres what happened. In my lunch hour I usually nip out for a fag then read the paper in the back. So, obviously I skipped out the fag bit although I did nip out for a lungfull of fresh air (fresh air is now my new nicotine and I continue to nip out now and then for a fix of it. Its great). So then I sat down to read the paper. Chucked my left foot up onto my right knee to make a support to lean the paper on, but I did there was a great ripping sound and practically my entire left bottom cheek was exposed to the world through my ripped trousers. And this was how I had to work for the remainder of the day. Lots of walking backwards to hide my indecency. I couldnt use my calculator on the back shelf as this would involve turning my back (and therefore arse) to the customers. It was, all in all, very tricky. But did I let it phase me? NO. Did my nostrils twitch in nicotine deprived anger? NO. I just laughed and got on with it. So there. I feel invincible. Come on world. Throw at me what you will. I'm a joyful ex smoker. I will not crack. (early days far so good....tee hee)

Right....i'm off to my daughters to make her bacon and egg. She's full of cold and I reckon there's not much bacon and egg wont cure. Means I get to eat some too (note to self....must stop all this eating at some point)

Catch you all later.

Have a fab day everyone.

Another day notched up on all our bedposts.

I love it.

Dippy :-)


Well done for reaching week 1.... can I have some of your bacon and eggs?....mmm, bacon and egg buttie calling.

Seriously congrats on getting this far.


Great positive attitude, love it almost as much as that egg and bacon.

Think we'll all be coming round to your place for breakfast


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