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About time!

Hi Everyone,

I have been a member of this forum for very nearly three years now and am ashamed to say I have still not managed to make a quit stick. Not smoking anymore is constantly on my mind but before every quit I go through a lengthy period of feeling panicky and too scared to just get on with it. Stupid, as after so many attempts I know exactly what is coming and it is often not nearly as bad as my panic makes it out to be!

Anyhow, after the aforementioned putting off of not smoking I have finally taken the plunge into warmer, calmer waters. My last cigarette was about 15 minutes ago. I am at work so have no access to cigarettes ;) I have armed myself with a bag of sweets and some Nicorette lozenges. I would love to go cold turkey this time but have just dropped the patches at this moment in time. I want to get rid of, or at least use less of the lozenges than in previous times.

I am hoping to float my way through the day in that nice warm water. No more stormy seas from the constant thought of quitting and worry about my health. From this moment on I am going to return to my long forgotten no smoking days. I had to learn to smoke, I now just have to learn not to!

Have a good, smoke free day everyone :D

Gaynor x

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I think I like this post...yes, I most certainly do :)

Go for it, Gaynor :cool:


Welcome back to the road, Gaynor!

You absolutely can do this. In the words of the late great Douglas Adams, DON'T PANIC! There's nothing to be scared of, life without fags is perfectly manageable: when you come out the other side of that early-quit fog, you look back and think, what the hell did I think I needed them for? They don't help with ANYTHING!

This will be your sticky quit!

Helen x


Hi Gaynor so glad you are back, both of us have been on here a very long time I first joined in 2007 managed to quit a month maybe 2 months, at the most about 2 years ago and I reached 9 months.

I will have done 5 weeks tomorrow, always used patches etc in the past, always been scared to go cold turkey.

But this time this is the way I have gone, and I am finding it the best quit ever, get over the if two for three days and it does get easier.

Do what you think is best for you, like I said so glad your back.

Love Joan xxx


Hi Gaynor,

Long time no speak, I remember when I quit you were one of the 1st to welcome me to the forum and offer support.

So here's to this being the quit that never ends!!!

*Raises glass*


Well done on your decision Gaynor. It's a new quit, a different quit and a final quit:D. You CAN do this x


hi gaynor

good to have you back same as john you were one of the first people to welcome me and encourage me and help me

i will be here for you now

stay strong



Hi Gaynor,

Remember smoking is a crock so you are not giving up anything :D:D xx


Thanks everyone for you kind support. It means so much and I am glad to say the first 14 hours are safely under my belt :D

As I am having problems with the forum tonight I'll keep this short in case it gets lost or ends up on the Honda forum lol.

Hopefully all will be well in the morning and I will have a sneaky post at work before I start working ;)

Sleep tight all and onwards and upwards.

G x


Welcome back Gaynor, fingers crossed you're on the good one this time!



Thanks Alex. I have a feeling about this one as well :D

Lets face it, I have started smoking again for many reasons. I have gained knowlege each of those times not to make the same mistake again. I think I must have been through them all now and the result is the same. NOTHING is worth losing a quit for ;)

G x


True Gaynor,

NOTHING is worth losing a quit for

I still mess up but onwards and upwards as you say ;) xx


happy to see you havent given up trying!! we are all different and will do it in our own time...i tried so long to quit but when i really wanted it it happened. im glad to see my buddys here and quit and everyone else still trying!!


Lovely to see you back Gaynor! you can do this we are all behind you.

Life without the cigs is so much better.

Take care my lovely. xxxx


Hey Gaynor hope this time is the last one. how i remember those days of umming and arring, should i stay or should i go now. im thankful that i gave my last quit the time patience and perseverance it deserved ,it paid off and im still not smoking after 7 mths. commit to one day at a time and the rest will fall into place. not sure what u mean by just dropped the patches.

Mash x


Thanks again everyone for your support :D

Mash - When I said I had dropped patches this time I meant I wasn't going to use them. Everytime I have tried to quit I have used patches and lozenges. They helped greatly with the withdrawals but to be honest I just wanted to get it over and done with. I am kinda cheating though as I am using lozenges to get me over the worst of it. That and Werthers originals LOL.

G x :p


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