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Good Days then Bad Days.

OK - so I'm struggling a bit this week.

I went away for the weekend. I don't (didn't?) smoke in front of my kids, so weekends away were a nightmare - if we went for a day trip, I'd be off the fags all day and an irritable mess by the end of it. Not good for anyone involved.

This weekend was brilliant. I had very few craves and all of them manageable. I did long motorway drives without a problem. Full days out without a problem. Everything was great - and it really showed me why I'd given up smoking.

The trouble is, i've come back to work this week and I'm really struggling. I'm getting those crave headaches and struggling with my quit a lot. I have no idea why - but this is the second day of it.

Anyone got any theories? :)

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Hi Munter_ST

I know exactly howe you feel, when I came back from hols lasst year the same thing happened to me.

I put it down to the nicodemon having 1 last go before I settled back into my routine....

It went again within a couple of days, so hopefully it wont last too much longer.

Hang in there, the worst of it has gone now.


Cheers John - Things did indeed improve! Weird how it creeps up on you when you think you're just getting into your stride. Next big test is the local beer festival next weekend!


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