No Smoking Day
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Day 2

Well I am into day 2. eekk

Woke up with indegestion in night so not very with it, always takes ages to shot of it.

Feeling hot and wanting one of the little sticks, think it's really just habit that is making me want one, little goes with inhalator as if i have big pull on it like a cig i end up choking.

Got some boiled sweets to keep me going, Think this is going to be a long hard journey but will take it 1 hour at a time.

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Well done on ya quit , before ya know it u will be done a week and so on , post and vent weneva ya need someone is always around :D x


I find citris helps with indigestion :)

Just remind yourself that what you're feeling won't last forever and if you can stick it through then you'll be greatly rewarded :D xx


Ride the Wave!

Your doing great! Think of it as riding waves, so much easier, at least for me it was. All things will pass with the quit process, hang tight, you'll be fine!

It is SO, SO, worth it. I never thought I'd get where I am and will hit 2 months this next week! You'll feel great! It does get easier!



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