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16 days!!!!!!!!!

I've made it to three weeks. So proud of myself! Can't believe how tired I constantly feel now,though. At first it wasn't too bad but now I'm so lathargic, feel like I have ziltch energy and could fall asleep at any given moment. I feel guilty for my body because it shows all of the abuse I put it through with ciggies for 28 years! Now I'm going to treat my body right! No more dreaded demons for me. My life is worth more than a stupid white cancer stick that just wants to ruin it.

Good luck to everybody on this forum.we will all ACHEIVE our dream! Xxxxxx

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Hi Caskie,

Well done on entering week 3! Don't worry about minor health adjustments. It seems like almost everyone has some sort of physical side-effect from giving up, of which lethargy is one. Cough, cold and flu-like symptoms are all pretty common too. Just make sure you go see your gp if anything seems really out of whack.

Good luck!



Thanks,Alex. Was getting a bit worried to be honest because usually I'm always busy doing something. Even my family tell me to take a chill pill but I've always been a bit hypo. Now I'm wondering if it was the dreaded demon making me like that! Hope not couldn't be lazy if I tried. Just seem to have no energy lately but feel a bit better now from your response.thanks so much!


Oh Caskie well done, I agree with Alex I think most of us have a few symptoms of quitting when you think of what we have pumped into our bodies with all the years of smoking.

Just be proud of yourself, well done Hun.

Love Joan x


Well done

Well done Caskie! You will get there, the first few days are the worst, it is a period of adjustment. I must say you seem to be very determined which is no bad thing. Keep it up.:)


Thanks fellow quitters! I am determined! I have been feeling GREAT for days,as I say. It was just the lethargy and tiredness that is getting me down. But like you say,everyone gets some symptoms that aren't very nice. I will get over it. I love not smoking,the benefits far out way the tired spells! :D xx


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