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Here we go again

Hello fellow quiters.

Well starting day one again. Been gearing up for the last couple of days. Had last cig at 9.20am today

Have my patch on and my inhalater by my side.

Really hoping i can quite this time.

Get puffed when walking and tire easily also coughing a lot at night so really hoping this will help

Dont know if it was the cigs but was snoring a lot and keeping oh awake LOL, since i cut right back a couple days ago he has said i not snoring as much so fingers crossed even that might get better.

I look at the weather outside and think why the hell am i going into the wet when i could be in the dry .

Please wish me lots and lots of luck as I have tried so many times, I am,

beginning to think I going to be a smoker for ever.


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Hi, Well done for taking the first steps, I wanted to give it up for years before I finally did it the thought of giving up something that I had done for years was just sooo scarey. Anyway mangaed to make that plunge and the bottom line is it really is not has bad/hard as I thought it would be. My health as inproved no end I feel I have been gven a new lease of life, and given time you to will feel like this. Just keep going dont give in and remember your in control you can do it.

Good luck to you.


Gave up 14th March

Smoked 20+ per day for 38yrs

Method Champix


I was where u are 7 months ago. if i can do it then u can . i sarted smoking 45 years ago aged about 9 and its taken until now to manage to do it. u can only do it by doing it. I give huge thanks to my patches inhalator and this forum. iv loved every minute of quitting and really hope you do it.

Mash x:cool:


You don't need luck from others, only you can do this! A littler focus, grit and determination and you'll do fine. I personally put myself through all the difficult situations in the first week, could only get easier from there on in.


Well done on getting started! Let us know how it goes.



End of day one and off to bed at last.

Think I may have had my patch in slightly wrong place,had it right at top of shoulder so not much skin, used to wear it slightly lower.

Have had some nasty cravings, slight headache a bit coughing.

Going to have to think what I can nibble on or I will end up the size of a house.

Day 2 tomorrow. Hope I have a good night and no nasty dreams.

Keep going everybody



I found timing the cravings helpful in an earlier quit. It put them in to perspective as they were usually much shorter than they felt.


Good luck Jane, I was like you - thought i'd smoke forever, this is my 4th & final quit (I'm not going through the first week again!) If I can do it anyone can - I even smoked in the shower!!

Keep going, you're stronger than that little death stick - keep us all updated.

We are all in this together, all of us are at different stages but we have all given up :)



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