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Premature Evacuation?

In my last thread, I talked about how far I'd come in my quit, to the point where I was hardly focused on it, felt nearly finished with it, etc. and how I would probably not be as present on the site as I'd been.

Did I jinx it?

For the last two days, I've been dealing with cravings all day long. I can't figure out why - there's nothing going on that's too stressful, for example. I'm back from vacation and it's taken me a week to feel like I'm really back in the "real" world, but, as I say, so? Not stressful in particular.

I've been successful dealing with the craves just as I've been since the day I quit, but I'm a little irritated that they've returned after a very long time without almost any.

Is this typical? Normal? Something I should have planned for?

Anyway, I'm a day or so from completing 8 weeks without smoking. And it looks like I'll be hanging around here a little more often than I thought!

I'll try to remember to shower, brush my teeth, and be properly dressed when I make my appearance. :)

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Cracking thread title DGee :D

I look at the forum this way. At the start it was the one thing I could turn to when I needed help, strength and encouragement to maintain my quit.

I could seek advice and support from people who were at my stage and going through what I was going through and I could also get encouragement from people farther down the yellow quit road who showed me that what I was trying to achieve was possible.

I don't see that ever changing.

No matter how many days, weeks, months or years I am quit, there will always be people on this forum who are at the same stage as me and people who are ahead of me.

All will be here to give advice and wisdom gained from their experience and I will always be glad of it.

At the same time, I hope I will be able to offer support and help to those who are where I once was, to show them that quitting is possible.

That's why I'm staying on here. :cool: :)


u are just hitting your 3rd terrible three you got through 3 days you got through 3 weeks now you just have to dig in and get through month 3 its just your nico demon trying to catch you out

stay strong you will be fine



You know what DGee, wen i read your last comment about how u felt u had this quit * in the bag * so too speak, i found meself thinkin ohh ohhh !!! and dont think this post is a dig cos its honestly not , the point im makin is this was me last time i tried too quit , but i only got too 3 weeks then was like yeahh i can do this , this is a peice o piss, then BAM !!! the craves hit me like a shovel over the head and i hadent prepared meself so i went down like a bag o shite , scuze how im wording this but its the truth, :( ... again , what im saying is , yeah we think we have nailed it , but that ole Devil called Nico sneaks in on ya when he thinks ya gettin too cocky too smack yer one :eek: so this time meself , i educated meself a bit more , and realized too get through this and win the battle we always gotta sleep with one eye open, :D So just stay around hun , and at least if Nico shows up there will be more of us behind you too wack the fecker over the head and pull u back on too ya feet eh :D xx


Oh Scousemum I do love your posts. Just wish you would post a bit more often, they always make me chuckle.

The thing is you always talk a lot of sense.

DGee's 8 week quit is great and well done but to me its still quite early to be letting your guard down. It does not matter how long we have been quit there is no room for complacency. Never take you quit for granted, one slip and before you know it your on day 1 again.

DGee I'm sure you will be OK but just be on your guard



Hi DGee,

Sounds to me like it might be a case of re-entering familiar territory with the wrong memories. It's like one of those "firsts", even if it is your own place. Your mind wasn't prepared for the situation, and so it throws you.

I had firsts for about a year. The last one was where I went to Zurich airport and was reminded that they have wonderfully comfortable and well-aerated smoking rooms with leather couches... Sponsored by Camel, lol.

Anyway, I hadn't thought about what it would be like going to Zurich airport again, because why would I? It was just business as usual. Still, when I saw the pristine smoking rooms, I had to have a little conversation with myself, if you see what I mean...

Anyway; Typical, I don't know. Normal, definitely yes. Should you have planned? I don't think you can really plan for firsts, and if you do, they won't be firsts :D I think firsts hit you out of nowhere. But the good thing is that if you overcome the first, the second will be so much easier.



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