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Hi all not really sure what day im on all i know is im in this room now, Not going to say its been easy and to be honest i think im having a little breakdown as we speak, I have alot of issues that i havent adressed in a very long time, these issues finally came out the weekend to a big shock to my mom and other off to doctors in the morn for "help"(not smoking help), And i have craved bad but ive managed to keep going suprisingly....just hope the next few weeks/months why i get help with my head i can stay a none smoker

Hope everyone else is doing ok

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Sorry to hear you're feeling down PLL86, but despite all that you've managed to go 67 days without smoking and got to Month 3! :D

Quitting smoking is a good part of your life so don't let it go.

Over the last 2 weeks or so it appears many people have lost their quits. Not one of them feels better for smoking and all of them feel annoyed and actual worse because they have smoked.

Don't join that band of people, stay with it. You've beaten craves in the past so just take it 1 day or even 1 hour at a time for now.

All those people will try again, but they're having to start again, you can just keep going.

I'm on 102 days now and I promise you it's getting easier and easier.

You can do it and you'll get plenty of support on here so don't be a stranger

Gary :cool:


As Gary says , keep going , its sad coming on here and seeing so many fallin off the wagon so too speak, i must admit i was havin a bad day of it yesterday , but i just legged it too bed lol, and today is another day , keep on freeing yaself eh :D


Morning PLL,

Tough times .. bringing 'issues' out in the open is usually the first step for them to be resolved.

Well done you for your successful quit... you're a star :)

Hope things settle down soon *hugs*



I wish u well with your breakdown which will probably become a breakthrough, in time, you'll see when the smoke clears.

Mash x


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