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Starting over - advice and motivation required!!!

Well I didn't start again as planned instead I got up and went straight to the shop for ciggies :( but tomorrow's a new day right?

I really want to do this but my latest failed attempt has dampened my spirits ( i gave in for 2 days after nearly reaching two weeks!) anyone any advice/ motivational tips to help me get back on the wagon??

The night before I feel so ready then in the morning I struggle so much :mad:

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Just gotta do it in your own time, one day isn't any harder than the next so maybe you just bite the bullet. Take any help you can get for me nrt worked a treat patches help the cravings ( for me anyway) inhators give your hand sonething to do I weened myself off properly over 8 weeks then went ct. for some ct is the way others champix, just don't give up giving up at some point it will click. I got loads of apps for my generic phone keeps track of cost and days etc been a real help . Good luck with it keep popping in for support .


Thanks JonBoy! I have patches here beside my bed so I'm going to stick one on first thing! I just hope I don't feel like I did today and run to the shop :(


Hi MrsMash,

First of all, don't think of having started again as failing, but that your previous attempt was a trial quit. I think I already wrote in another thread that if you can make it to two weeks, then you can make it longer than two weeks. Maybe not right away, but certainly in time and with patience.

My girlfriend gave up many times before she really managed to get going (she's done over 6 months now, and feels it is so much easier now). I can't really say what clicked there, but the key is to keep trying and never giving up the faith that your are capable of quitting!

The fact is, I had resigned myself to the fact she would never quit because she "failed" at every attempt, even though I kept helping her. In the end, she said it was the realization that there's nothing stopping her from starting again whenever she wants, and that takes away the fear.

Try telling yourself "I won't smoke today, because I don't want to, and I'm not afraid because cigarettes will always be there." On the second day, say the same thing. Each day you realize that you have made a conscious choice to not smoke, and that if the sh*t hits the fan then you can always start again, it will make you more resilient.



The night before I feel so ready then in the morning I struggle so much :mad:

Yes the night before is always easy when you dont have to do it.

Not sure what method you were using but there is a variety of different method and one of them may well be the answer for you. Perhaps you need to experiment but dont forget all methods need a desire to stop. Never stop telling yourself you want to stop and that you can beat it.

13 years quit and I started again. Took eight years to try and stop again but I blew it after 11 weeks. Its now 15 years since I started again but now I have finally managed to get to 14 weeks quit and feel as if I am going to make it this time. Dont let this be your story also, get yourself sorted as soon as possible and get back on with your quit. 14 days proves you can do it.

Your not along in having a slight hic up so dont get down or dis-heartened by it. Pick yourself up, dust yourself down and prepare for the next quit.

Good luck and look forward to seeing your new quit posts soon.



It's worth adding that I quit probably twice a year for the last four or five years, just keep going, one day at a time everyday for me is a new quit now they all add up to 11 weeks, I'm still not convinced however that's why every days a new one, it deserves to be beaten you just have to work really hard at it and have faith in yourself


Aww Mrs Mash you and me both :o

But please don't be hard on yourself, my first attempts only lasted 2 days, but you did nearly 2 weeks straight away which was brilliant :cool: So you obviously are serious about quitting and you will do it.

I am not quitting tomorrow cos its my birthday and if anyone thinks I am going through Day 1 on my birthday they can think again :eek: so I am setting my new quit date for Wednesday, and that way this time next year I can have a birthday that lasts for 2 days instead of 1, so as you can see there is method in my madness lol ;)

Oh and I think Alex's advice is brilliant so am off to copy and paste it into notepad now.

TC Mrs,

Zoe xxxx


Alex has the right idea MrsMash.

I'm on Day 103 today and I started this quit not thinking past the end of the day I was on.

My first day was in memory of my mate who had died of cancer the day before.

I got through that day so I thought, ok, I'll try another day. Soon I was on Day 8 and I joined this forum.

The rest is history.

When you feel ready, pretend you are Dorothy and get yourself back on the Yellow Quit Road :D.

Somewhere on here you'll find your Tinman, Scarecrow and I'll be your Cowardly Lion :D

Together we can all make it down that road.



Rome wasn't built in a day! Just keep chipping away.

IMO don't contemplate or even worry about quitting until you feel you're ready to. If you're not in the right frame of mind then the frustration sets in along with doubt; doubt is a nightmare when trying to give up the smokes!

I've had a number of failed quits and more 'tomorrow's the day' experiences than I care to remember.

I worked on getting in to the right frame of mind by spending time doing other things, getting a little more in to health, spent the money on leasing a car (which saved me money in the long term), but meant I had to cut back. All these things meant that day 1 of my quit wasn't that, it was the last day of smoking.

I've not had any real cravings (I don't call a desire to smoke for 2 mins a craving) and haven't looked back....just slipped in to a new way of life.

I also didn't visit these pages too often back then as that put my mind in to "I'm quitting something" mode.



Thanks everyone for your great advice! I didn't start again today either :( as I just didn't feel ready. I'm going to take all your advice on board and mentally get myself in the right place.

Happy birthday Zoe, hope u have a lovely day and get plenty of choccy cake x


I'm going to take all your advice on board and mentally get myself in the right place.


Good to hear! Don't force yourself, but don't lose sight of the end goal either. If I can give another piece of advice, at the risk of being told off, I think it's better if you get your head in the right place and quit spontaneously when you are ready, rather than setting a quit date and counting the time go by as it looms near. I think that is too much pressure, and better to hold off until the time you can say "Right, now I'm going to do it!"

Oh, and don't be a stranger!



Thanks Alex for your advice! I think your right, as soon as I'm in that place I'll know it's time :)


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