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End of the 1st month!!

Hi all- I have been reading everyone's posts for the last month but couldn't interact but luckily the admin sorted it for me. Well , I joined an NHS smoking cessation class on April 5th and i started off with patches and gum but only used the patches for the first 2 weeks and am now on the gum abt 12-15 bits per day of the lower dose . I stopped smoking before for 2 years and half years but started back up again March 2011 :( I have found it quite easy stopping again although for some reason the past week has been the worst as I started a new job and loads of people smoke and it has been difficult but I have got through it and I am determined not to smoke again! I feel healthier, fitter and wealthier!!lol :)

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Hi msmaz,

Welcome to the forum!

Like you, I gave up for a long time (four and a half years in fact) before starting all over again. I've been quit for almost a year and a half now, and I must say I have never felt better since I decided to pack in the tobacco.

I'm guessing this is your last trip down the quitting path? It certainly is for me. I want nothing more to do with cigarettes and smoking. Those day are gone.



Good for you! At least with this new job it is a new situation and not one that you associate with smoking so that should help and your co workers will have to go outside to smoke aswell. You sound very determined which is great. Keep it up you wont regret it.


Me too Alex! I am definitely determined that this will be the last time I will have to quit! :) Thanx Haze xx :)


1 Month Approaches!

Here it comes -4/9/12 is not far off. Just had a friend say he didn't think I'd make it this long! Gee Thanks! :)

A few rough roads, but still trucking. The last two days I finally felt human. More energy and no more flu like symptoms. :)

Ready to start month 2! Have a great week all!


Using Chantix and H.A.L.T.



Should have typed 5/9/12 ..... My excitement over the month smoke free getting the best of me at times!


At first I thought you would have done a year in September then I realised you had written the date the american way. Glad you are feeling better and keep proving your friend wrong. It is great that we can share our experiences and see how people are getting on and share all the success stories. Keep going and well done!:)


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