Alcohol and cravings

Me and hubby are heading away for the night tomorrow! It will be my first night real night drinking since I've quit and I'm a bit nervous as to how I will cope!! Anyone and tips or advice?? Alcohol has ruined previous quit attempts and I don't want it to ruin this one!!

I know the obvious thing would be not to drink but we haven't got out as a couple in a long time so we're looking forward to enjoying ourselves!! Hubby has quit too so hopefully that will help!

I have up remember there is no such thing as just one!!

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  • Lol just re-reading my post! Excuse the typos, stupid itouch!!

  • I drank copious amounts of alcohol throughout my quit, without the slightest inkling or wavering of a doubt about my intentions to remain smoke-free.

    If you think it could be a problem then avoid the problem and don't drink in the first place. If you're looking for an excuse, then alcohol will no doubt provide the perfect alibi.

    There is no guide as to how to use mind-altering drugs and not do something you might regret.

    If you have the conviction, then the question need not be asked.


  • Think of it as any other trigger, once faced it will be easier to face in the future.

    I got extremely drunk in the first week of my quit - remove the association as quick as possible - 7 months down now.


  • I totally agree with both Alex and Dave. Be on your guard. its one more night of not smoking, no exclusions. ask yourself how u will feel 10 mins after smoking it. ?

    Mash x

  • Enjoy yourself but don't put yourself in a position where you may be tempted - stay away from the smokers!!

    I got trollied a few times during my quit but made a point of not going near the smoking areas - had a few pangs but it was easier to deal with than I'd thought.

    Hangovers are almost pleasant when you've not had a fag :D

  • Thanks everyone! I think I'm going to see it as another challenge as you say and break the association, I will be so pleased with myself when I conquer it and I will :D!!

    Plus what's the point as I'll feel rotten after it and I'll only want to quit again so why ruin my hard work when I'm nearly 2 weeks into it !!!

  • Go Mrs Mash, you will be fine, if you go with the thought you don't want to then you won't. Positive thinking, you have managed to get this far without one with your cup of tea so alcohol should be no different really! Besides you will kick yourself after! You don't need a cigarette to have a good time, I have absolute faith in you!

    Catch up with you soon guys, have a fab time! Let us know how you get on!


  • Hey everyone!! Well I survived it lol! Had my moments but once I relaxed about it and told myself I didn't want to go back down that road I was fine and we had a ball!! Even though we were that busy getting everything packed for the baby, we forgot to pack our overnight bag in the car and didn't realise until we got there! That was the really bad moment but instead of giving in we went to the shops, bought what we needed and hit the bar lol!!

    So tomorrow at 8.30 I'll be moving to week 3!!

  • Well done MrsMash!!! Glad to hear you sailed through it all without smoking.


  • Thanks Alex :)

  • Well done, I knew you could do it! Bet you feel great! Week 3 soon whoop whoop! Xx

  • Sure do TracyP woohoo :D

  • Well done Mrs M - glad you had a good time and came out smelling ash-free!

    Break those associations! Yeah! Break 'em!! WOOP!!!

    Helen x

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