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Day 11!!

So here we are Day 11 and still doing ok, had a bit of an upset yesterday afternoon and whereas before I would have got up and gone outside and chain smoked 5 cigs until I calmed down, I just burst into tears, said i could quite happily smoke now, put my headphones on and carried on working! Luckily my boss would never have let me outside anyway let alone near the onsite shop! So having managed to get through that little kerfuffle went and celebrated with a trip to the flicks! I think I will be ok rest of this week, it will be next week as I am on a course all week and staying away from home! Positive thinking though!

How is everyone else doing?

Tracy xx

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Well done u, you got through it!

I'm doing good, have the odd moment! I'm a bit nervous about tomorrow though, me and hubbies going away for the night and there will be plenty of alcohol involved so I just hope I can handle the cravings when intoxicated lol!!


Ooh mrs mash yes you and hubby are going away, fantastic, what's good is you are both giving up together so you can spur each other on, you have both done so well I don't think you will spoil that, just have a great time and enjoy peace and quiet! Let us know how you got on! Have fun!!!

T xx


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