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month 2 is not particularly easy

.. possibly easier than month 1 but yet, an ideal menu for the quit to fail due to a sudden urge to get life back to 'normal'. Yet this new 'normal' holds no space for smoking or cigarettes so the new 'me' is still in the process of creation - is that a bit like being created in the womb .. just be and let creation happen around you with little personal input?

Question - Can we sway the outcome at this point?

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Question - Can we sway the outcome at this point?

I'm not sure if that's a rhetorical query...or even leading. I'll just address it as best I can...

Can we sway a quit in the early days. Quickly I think about blipping and how that can make a hard road very much more difficult to traverse. So in those terms, yes you can sway the outcome that way.

But through perseverance and an adherence to reading and education one can also make that path, the journey, smoother. Sways towards a positive outcome.

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what a beautiful purple pooch x


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