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Blimey - sneaky unexpected trigger!

First one in months and months! Had to do an interview on the radio which I've never done before. Absolutely shaking like a leaf (have no idea what I said, I fear I burbled horrendously :)). Despite everything, I think if I'd had a cig in front of me when I hung up the phone, I would have smoked it and brought the whole quit crashing round my ears.

Just a little reminder to me NEVER to be complacent.

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hey helen

better late than never i am here

i know exactly how u feel its a right shocker creeping up on us like that just goes to show we havent quite crossed every bridge yet difference is we are strong now and mr nico is weak so its a quick slap and he is back in his place thankfully



H Helen,Just read your post! Sounds like that was quite a strong trigger? Just goes to show. I am at a stage where I am still adjusting to being a non smoker and coming up aganst triggers all the time, for instance the other day after I had finished gardening. You told me to expect it each time I do a first of something and that it will get easier. I am sure that it will. And by the way I bet you did a great Interview! Keep posting!:)


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