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Day 12

Morning all,

On Day 12, so far so good. Had a couple of moments over the past week where I had a little crave but nothing I couldn't handle. Am enjoying not having stinking hands! Managed a little beer last Friday to celebrate the completion of week 1 and didn't want to smoke which is a bonus.

This is my second quit - I stopped last June and lasted til October when I had an argument with my other half and stupidly went and bought a 10 pack, should never have bothered. Was gearing up ready to quit again and here we are. Was only smoking 5/6 a day but smoking is smoking I guess.

Had patches left from last quit so used those til I realised I only had two left! left them on as long as I felt they were helping and have gone CT since. Roll on Friday and the completion of another smoke free week!


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Brilliant Helen! I hope I'm feeling the same way come day 12!! I'm using patches but on step 2 as I only started again for 2 weeks after being off them 9 months during my pregnancy, stupid me!! I think I got my body back to myself and went mad again lol!

Here's to us doing it for good this time!!!


That is great Helen that you have decided to quit again. You can learn from your last quit and it should help you deal with the trigger points. Keep it up!;)


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