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How's Everyone Doing??


Hey! How's everyone getting on in Week 2? I'm on day 9 and so far so good, having some craving but I'm managing to get past them! Opened the curtains this morning to a lovely sunny day and seen a woman sitting on her step having a ciggie and I had a moment, I just thought, god it's a lovely day to sit outside with a cup of tea and a ciggie but then I reminded myself she may be enjoying it now but I bet she didn't wake up as fresh as me this morning and she'll probably be coughing and spluttering afterwards and I don't have to feel like that anymore!

Bit lousy on the woman but hey it got me past my craving lol!!

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Hey MrsMash, I'm in day 9 too, nearly day 10 so well done us! Cravings arent too bad, i dont want one but i feel im missing something! I must admit im not missing the coughing, spluttering or heavy chest feeling and am finding im waking up earlier before the alarm goes off! Lucky you to be waking up to a lovely sunny day, it was torrential rain here this morning and looks like we still have more on the way!

keep it up and catch up day 10! Woo hoo!

Tracy xxx

Yeah I know what you mean about feeling like something's missing but we're better off without it lol!

Rain rain go away lol! Yeah it was sunny here but wasn't that warm but st least it was dry!

Day 10 here we come yippee!! xxx

Into Day 12 for me at Midnight, MrsM. And I'm good, ta.

Opportunities everywhere I looked today to lead me astray but I've not been in the remotest bit tempted. Fags lying around at work, the missus has forgot to put hers away (I work late) *sighs* but it's no big deal. Her ashtray done (by me) for rubbish for bin-man in the morn. I'm not bothered. AND! I've had a beer tonight so that's a big hurdle conquered with no smoke... :)

Well done pappy h, that's brill u weren't tempted through all that!!:)

Yeah it's the alcohol which killed my last quit but I had 2 glasses of wine the other night and was fine! My and hubby are heading away on Friday for the night so that will be the real test but he's quit too so we can help each other out!!

Hey Mrs Mash,

Into Day 10 now and hanging on by my fingernails :mad: I had the craving from hell yesterday evening, dunno where it came from but think it might have something to do with the fact that the sun came out for a change lol :rolleyes: Whoever said that cravings only last for 5 minutes is a liar, liar, pants on fire cos mine went on for over 2 hours grrrr. Came on here for a bit but internet kept cutting out and was starting to shout at puta so gave up. Was in bed for the night before 7.30pm lol.

Then this morning floods of tears because I want to smoke so bad. On here but internet keeps cutting out so shouting at puta again grrrr. At this rate I can't see myself lasting the day without smoking. Think I picked the wrong time to restart my quit as I have a major trigger point coming up the week after next which I don't have a snowflakes chance of surviving. And I have the perfect alibi to smoke cos my doctor doesn't want me to quit. Just got no support and I feel like hell.

Sorry to rant on your thread but I really do feel dreadful :( Think I'm going back to bed again via the fridge, still got some chocolate cake left ;)

Zoe xx

Your doctor doesn't want you to quit??

Change doctors! You've got this far, onwards and upwards.

Aww Zoe sounds like you getting I bad! Don't give in now, you've been doing amazing!!! And forget about you doctor, he probably just wants u to sabatage your quit so he can feel better about his filthy habit, secretly I get he wants to be able to quit like u, all smokers do it's just we've been brave enough to take the leap!!!

Those are excuses the nicodemon is trying to put into you head to make you give up but keep fighting him, he dying off now and he's trying so hard not too!

You didn't pick the wrong time, that's another excuse the nicodemon's trying! We'll have our trying days but just think how good it feels to know you got through it and didn't give in!!! If you do give in you'll probably still cry because you'll be disappointed with yourself!

I think you should make some more choccy cake as it sounds like supplies are running low!!

Your cheesy toasty and crisps are on the way xxxx

Thanks Mrs Mash,

We'll have our trying days but just think how good it feels to know you got through it and didn't give in!!! If you do give in you'll probably still cry because you'll be disappointed with yourself!

I know you're right but I'm just having too many bad days on this quit and hardly any good ones, not since Sunday afternoon, and its wearing me down and leaving me feeling exhausted. But if I did smoke I know I would feel frustrated for caving in again, and would soon want to quit again, so what's the point in smoking?? Think I am just overwhelmed by 'stuff' at the moment.

See you mentioned cheesy toasty, now there's a thought :p I am going to the shop pronto to get some cheese, and I'm gonna have cheesy onion toasty(s) AND choccy cake, so stuff the fags :D and the diet oops :o

Back soon :D

Zoe xx

Woohoo yeah get the goodies and ditch the fags!!!

Hope ure enjoying them!!! I have to take my baby boy for his second set of jags now :( ! Think I'll need a bag of goodies after this!!!

And remember as you said, if u do give in you'll only want to quit again so what's the point undoing all your hard work to start all over again!! I feel the same sometimes but I'm going to remind myself what you've said and hopefully that will put me off when I'm having a moment :o

Mrs Mash


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