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Hi Guys

Is there such a thing as smoking rehab? Apart from being incarcerated I can't quit!

I've tried so many times and don't get very far - barely a day.

The only times (twice) that I've quit for a month each time, was when I'd been poorly in hospital.

I'm serious with my question as I feel that if I was in a residential quit programme I would be able to crack it.

TIA :)

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Hi Boodles,

I suppose it depends where you live. And on your financial situation as I imagine residential rehab would be quite expensive. You could try googling it. I would love to go to a residential rehab to quit as I find sitting around on my own with my own thoughts very difficult. But thats pie in the sky for me. I am on day 6 though.

Best thing to do is to try and educate yourself as much as you can. Read this forum, read Alan Carr, read woofmang tales of the quit. And take it one day at a time. And go to a smoking cessation clinic if you can for extra support. It does get easier, if it didn't, nobody would ever stop smoking!!

Hope that helps a little bit :)

Zoe xx


Hi Boodles

Have you ever seen the movie Groundhog Day?

I suppose quitting is a bit like that .. it seems impossible to break out of the cycle and the only way to get to the next stage is to take each day as it comes.

Some folks find it easy because they make up their minds from the outset that that's it .. NOPE .. others toy with the idea that they might just allow themselves a bit of freedom and before they know it they're smoking again.

In the absence of rehab centres for smokers or being shipwrecked on a desert island the power is yours and yours alone. No-one can do it for you.

It will happen for you one day .. only you have the power to decide when.

Suze x

ps I am assuming you have seen your doctor/nurse and tried NRT?


Apart from being incarcerated I can't quit!


Boodles, of course you can quit.

Tell yourself you can coz as long as you make such negative statements as that you really wont be able to. Get positive. Go into your next attempt believing you'll succeed. There's no point even trying if you believe you'll fail before you've even started. You're making it a self fullfilling prophecy.

Big smile. Deep breath. You can do it. Keep telling yourself that and make it true.


Thank you very much for all your replies. :)

I went to an Allen Carr seminar last month and only managed just over a day without cigarettes and started again.

I think until I have the lightbulb moment that I'm just wasting my money. If I'm going to do it I should be able to do it without looking for props. :(

I feel such a wally for carrying on like I do.


dont be so hard on yourself most here have tried to quit and used every reason they can think of to carry on smoking :eek: i know i did even when a consultant down the hospital said if i carried on smoking it would lower my life expectancy as we have heart disease in the family and i still made excuses and found reasons to carry on smoking :mad:

you will have your lightbulb moment your taking the first step to start that journey by coming on here and posting :)

click on the link in my signature it has some good tips to help and read some of the threads




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