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Angry cos I'm angry

This is a difficult post for me to write cos here I am, back in Day 5 again :rolleyes: and sure I like not smoking, but what I can't deal with is my uncontrollable anger. Okay, so I had temper tantrums on my first serious quit last year, who doesn't, but now it is really out of hand. I can't do anything, I can't cook, go out in the streets, use my computer, without screaming the place down and my language is appalling. I have even managed to shout when I am eating for goodness sake, and nearly choked myself. Any little thing that goes wrong and I lose it.

A couple of quits ago (yes I have had many by now) I caved in and smoked just to shut myself up and be quiet for a change. But I don't like smoking anymore and want to quit, and this time around, however angry I feel I know it isn't a craving for a smoke. If I wanted to smoke I would do it, but I don't. So I don't really know where this anger is coming from but its making my life unbearable, its horrible for those around me and humiliating for me.

I don't know how to get any help with this issue, I talked to my doctor but he associates the anger with me quitting smoking and doesn't seem to want me to quit. Imagine how that makes me feel. Perfect alibi to smoke and at the same time sentenced to a smoking related illness in the not too distant future because it runs in the family. Course, my doctor is a smoker himself and has absolutely no intention of quitting, although he doesn't smoke much. But can you believe he actually came out with the typical smoker statement 'everyone's got to die of something' :eek: can't believe he said that, I was too shocked to speak, so thats one way to keep me quiet I suppose.

But all I want is to get on with my quit and be contented in it instead of being the wild virago I have become. I am normally quiet and shy believe it or not :o and the current situation cannot continue. I have tried deep breaths, relaxation exercises, but I seem to be on anger auto pilot.

Sorry to ramble on, but I feel so confused right now and don't know what to do. Sure I have a lot of frustrations in my life, but however bad things are they shouldn't be getting me into this state.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this? If you have, please tell me.


Zoe xxxx

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Sorry Zoe I cant relate to the anger issues but I recognise a cry for help when I read one. The first thing I would do is change your doctor. Maybe you could go and see a smoking cessation nurse who understands better what you might be going through. You obviously want to quit smoking so that is a good start but I feel you need some extra support for your emotional wellbeing. I would ask your doctor if you can see a nurse and I am sure you will find that a lot better than an idiot who saya we all must die of some thing. I do hope you can get some help you sound like a young girl?? I dont know how old you are but young people do seem to suffer with anger more than an older person so maybe some therapy might help. Good luck and keep posting we will all support you xxx.:)


Hi Zoe,

I feel pretty angry .. or something emotional not quite sure what .. at the moment. You (I) need to turn that emotion into something else.

I have bee listening to this

not sure if it helps but does sound good :o)

ps. what Haze says .. you need other support too .. god knows where that comes from these days zoe - where would you direct someone in your position?


Hey Haze and Suze,

No I am not young and I haven't a clue where I would direct someone in my position :( Seems to me we live in a very uncaring society these days where everyone passes the buck to someone else. But I don't want to go down that road. Just want some serious sedation lol :( But at least I am not smoking right now :) xx


Hi Zoe

Sorry to hear you are going through it at the moment. I can't say my anger is as bad as yours but I definitely experience it. I am usually really placid but have found myself shouting and feeling really wound up over silly things. Are you using NRT? I am however I did try to stop using it after about 3 weeks and I noticed my moods became a lot worse. So I started using it again, as I was fed up with being so moody. Unfortunately I think it is just one of the symptoms that some people suffer with when quitting. You sound as if you are putting a lot of blame on yourself as well for being like this, which is probably adding to your stress levels and in turn increasing your anger.

Maybe you should be a bit more easy on yourself about having these moods. Also have you tried doing something like exercise to let of some steam. Or maybe treating yourself to some relaxing treatments with the money you are saving.

Don't think you are alone though and try not to let it deter you from your quit

Emma x


Hi Zoe good to see you back on your quit!!! Sorry you got anger issues cant add anything more to what the other posters have... defiantly change your Dr tho if you can......xx


Aww Zoe I'll have to bake a cake and pass you a slice :) ! So sorry your having a tough time but I think your amazing by sticking to it and not giving in like last time! As the others say I'd definately recommend changing your doctor, you need more support than what your getting from your current doctor!

Hope u feel better soon!


Thanks for the replies. I think anger is the worst part of the quit for me, I can manage most of the rest of it most of the time. Actually, looking at the way my life is at the moment I think there would be something wrong if I wasn't a bit hysterical so I am actually completely normal if you see what I mean :confused::D

So I just need to be a little bit patient, erm, how do I do that :eek: I have an appointment with an employment consultant next week so fingers crossed. And meanwhile I need to try not to let the way I am feeling translate itself into the need for a fag cos quite honestly I could murder one right now. Although that is probably my morning crave kicking in so ey up a minute!!

Emma, I am on Champix not NRT so that might have something to do with my moods.

And Mrs Mash, if you happen to be baking .... ;)

Zoe xxxx


Hi Zoe, you are same as me i gave in too, day 6 for me.......but back to what i was going to say a friend of mine was on champix and she had tantrums and anger probs, it could be same for you..... she it now on patches and still get's ratty but not as bad.....just a thought...and good luck babe, Jay,x

no good at baking if i was would have made you a cake, x


Hi Jay, yeah I do wonder about the Champix sometimes, I was quiet for a bit when I stopped taking them, but started getting angry again when I started taking them again even though I was still smoking.... but if I do stop taking them I end up smoking again.... tricky one cos I don't want to use NRT as the nicotine is gone from my system now so no good putting it back in again.... guess I will try and see how it goes. I am on day 6 again now as well :) so thats something :)

Btw there are plenty of good cake recipes on the net if you want to make me a cake :p:D xx

Zoe xx


Lol apron's at the ready show me the recipes lol! There's a first time for everything :rolleyes:

I used Champix during my first quit and I did stop for a year and a half but my moods where awful, I ended up on anti depressants for a while and I did blame the Champix for it although my brother used them and he was fine!



Hi Mrs Mash,

I used Champix during my first quit and I did stop for a year and a half but my moods where awful, I ended up on anti depressants for a while and I did blame the Champix for it although my brother used them and he was fine!

Strange how some people do well on this drug and some of us have a bad reaction. I was alright for a bit this afternoon apart from one shout :rolleyes: but as soon as I start cooking all hell breaks loose. Sheesh!! For two pins I would flush the damn things down the loo but too scared I'll smoke again so I dunno.

Meanwhile, you me and jayb all on Day 6 so we are gonna crack this smoking malarky bigtime :D Please just promise me you'll visit me in Broadmoor :( xx



Hi Zoe, I remember we were both posting around the same time last year and we are both back yay :D I started smoking again because I came off the patches after 5 months and was ok for just 2 weeks then I became, in my opinion, the most horrible person I have ever known, total angry lost the plot in my head kind of person and the stuff that came into my head was awful. Spent all the time re reading texts I was sending etc just to make sure I sounded ok because I could get no peace at all inside not even those relaxing CDs helped i had no patience for that so went back on the cigarettes but then I started beating myself up. When I saw the smoking lady again (!!!!) I said I want I give up using the patches but can I stay on them for the rest of my life and she said yes! It's going to cost I know but it has given me some hope :) the other thing that has helped in the past and I need to get some again is kalms they just take the edge off for me x it's good to see you back well done and I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like this x


Hi Julie,

Good to see you back and I read from your other post that you are on day 14 so well done, sorry you are having a bad time like me though cos it really is a nightmare. I keep thinking I am having a breakdown, and then I thought it was the Champix, but if you felt like it after being off patches for two weeks then it seems it is part of the quit so we just gotta ride it out somehow :confused: I'm sure you don't really mean it when you say you want to stay on the patches for the rest of your life though, think of all the skin irritation and other weird side effects you get ewwww. Maybe next time you could go onto the inhalator for a while and cut it down bit by bit. I am staying on the Champix for the next couple of weeks but then I am going to cut them down and hope things improve lol they better :eek: Anyways, stay strong and let me know how you are getting on, we really need to do this.


Zoe xxxx


Hi we are gonna do it no matter how long it takes :eek:, at this present moment in time i could just sit here and smoke one:o ...........But no i won't cos i would beat myself up again, things can only get better, not got a patch on still so doing ok,

one day at a time, day 7 tomorra, good luck to all of you, Jay, xxxx Zoemac I promise i'll visit you, we'll be there all of us lol, (big huggs )


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