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Day 1 again ho ho ho

Yep. i think i get 10 out of 10 for trying lol after being told twice i am obsessed about my quit yesterday, and a little cry about the whole thing before bed i decided im silently getting on with it. (apart from on here :D) i can either obsess over it and ****yse it to death, or just do it. so im trying not think about it, and trying to think about ANYTHING but my quitting. im not even using my 'quit smoking' calender....

good luck to other day 1's, let see if we can do this thing! xxxx

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Day 1 again

good evening Nikki sorry to hear that your not having a lot of success in quitting. Please don't give yourself a hard time about it it's not easy. However I would dearly love you to be a little more serious about your quit. You state that your 23 and don't want to die, what more of an incentive do you want.

However smoking kills, you admit that yourself and be rest assured it's not a nice death. I speak from some considerable experience of life as I'm nearly 3 times your age.

So my young lady you've did the hard part by setting out to quit smoking .

So don't follow in my footsteps and leave it until your well into your sixties as was the case with me.

Myself I'm 13 weeks nicotine free with the aid of the Forum, a Smoking Cessation course and N.R.T




Sounds like a good plan to me :)

I think part of my successful quit was the fact I just got on with life; I didn't make a big deal of my quit in terms of 'tools'. The only thing I did use on occasion was a money counter as then I saw a tangible benefit to me stopping.

I even hopped away from the forums for a while!

Now 9 months on I feel the job is done and have now started the next challenge which is to lose 2 to 3 stone.


...oh..I'll be losing that one lb at a time :)


lol yeah your right it is not to make a big deal of it. i did for the first 2 days and i decided i was just going to ignore smoking until i had a real crave (obviously hard to ignore) 8 days on and i can honestly say the time between stressing about giving up and 'oh this is so hard' is getting longer and longer. i think this is hard every day and half now :D good luck on the weight loss :) xx


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