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Nine Calendar Months

The 19th of April saw me pass 9 calendar months, I honestly thought at six and seven months that I would feel like smoking all my life.....NOT TRUE - I have reached the mystical point well and truly now, it didn't come with fireworks and brass bands, but it just sort of creeps up where you don't acknowledge smoking anymore. Also 2 kgs lighter than when I stopped now.

It is very easy to say (and much harder to believe) but I was a very heavy smoker for 30 years, so to all the people trying - please please please be strong enough to get to the tipping point, it does come and you DO NOT spend your whole day fighting anymore, in fact you go for ages without even remembering.

I am aware people do go back to smoking after years, but I really can't see what would make me go back (but I remain cautious), I am now out of nicotine prison and wondering what all the fuss was about.

Keep the faith one an all


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Well done Pete!!!:D...cant wait till I get to 9months,,,xxx:D


That's great to hear there is light at the end of the tunnel. Have never got that far myself but determined to find that place this time. Bring it on........:p


Pete, congratulations! That post really struck a chord with me because I remember that up to about six months I really thought that I was doomed to obsess about smoking forever. And it wasn't a lightbulb moment for me either. I just kept saying 'I choose not to smoke, I choose not to smoke' day by day, and gradually my whole mindset changed. Now I still make the choice, but there's no effort involved.

Nine months is FANTASTIC. You should be really proud of yourself.

And losing weight as well? That's just showing off :)

Helen x


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