Bah! Bah! Bah!

Day 16 of CT and I failed.

Went to a gig with my (smoking) brother. Managed to spend the whole night on the smoking terrace avoiding the blasted weed but gave in on the way home and have now smoked 4 fags in an hour.

It was the bloody mind game crap: "I'm a smoker forever who am I kidding."

Back to square one, but I'm not sure how I should deal with the same situation next time around.


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  • you did 16 days without one!

    pick yourself up and try again,

    don't let it beat you,

    good luck:)

  • meh

    I was so bloody depressed, not smoking. Think I might try the doc, get me some SSRIs.

  • Maybe zyban would suit you, it was originally licensed as an anti-depressant but they found that one of the side effects was that it helped you quit smoking.

    Good luck

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