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Ok not ssure what i should have called this....anyway

I had my last smoking clinic last week with tescos and i decided i was going to try cutt down from patch on my own, so Friday i didnt wear one on accident but i decidedd if i can do it on accident i can do it for real so i have not worn a patch since even tho i have 2 packs left just incase, i have just been to see my gp smoking services and they are also happy with me to continue the no patch way, so yep im finally free of any nicotine for the time being.

Also mmy bloods came back clear so not sure why i havebeen suffering with coldsores lately

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Well done on being patch-less PLL86.:D..

Just goggled 'cold sores and quitting smoking' and the quit can cause them...must be the poisons coming out Ive had a sore throat since quitting..:(xxx


Well done PLL86!

Bet you were also relieved all the blood tests came back good.

As a fellow cold sore sufferer I know exactly what a nuisance they are, usual advice I guess, plenty of sleep and lots of water, eventually they will become less frequent as your quit goes further, maybe without realising it, the stress of your quit is the cause, even if you may not feel stressed.

Horrid little blighters they are, hope they go and stay gone soon

Well done on your quit :)



Well done PLL! and good news about the bloods, a pal of mine gets coldsores when she's stressed, quitting smoking can be stressful I hear ;)



I stopped patches about 10 days ago and have had a few craves since so beware, we're not home and dry yet. That said, it's a great feeling to be free of the nicotine devil once and for all :)

Not sure about cold sores but I have the biggest spot appeared on my chin .. I put it down to the box of Roses I just ate :o


Thankyou all, yeah the blood results are great even tho i am waiting on celiac test which should be here friday, but can feel the difference since joining the gym im not tired as much. i have had few cravins but punished myself and done some ab crunches lol :D


well done!!!! pll86

I have my second round of coldsores since giving up, but I don't mind that as it has to pass soon,

keep up the good work.


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