No Smoking Day
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Just a long awaited update!

I first came on here just over a year ago, determined to kick the habit. Now 1 year on and after a few slips along the way, I'm still not smoking. I didn't think I'd last a day, then a week and now a year, but here I am! So if I can do it so can you. I went from 20 a day to 0. It was not easy and I only stopped using the inhalator a couple of months ago but it is doable!! So good luck to those just stopping and also those on their first day, week, month and year! It does get easier I promise you.

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No matter how you do done it :cool:

Congrats, Staystrong :)


Well done!



Clapping for you, job well done! Congratulations! :)


Well done, you should feel proud


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