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No Smoking Day
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Forgot my patch

hi there this is my 3 serious quit attempt

I always F**k up because 6 months down the line i think i am strong enough to just have one puff...boy I have been wrong...guess others have add the same

well i am determined this time not to let that happen

I am in week 7 of quitting using patches, I have come down from the supper 21 mg 16 hours to the 15 mg 16 hours for the last week...

I stay at a mates last night and forgot to bring a spare patch with me for this morning, I felt a bit anxious this morning, but now not too bad, just using my secondary NRT of 2mg gum.

Now the questions... it is 5pm now should I put a patch on now?...feeling a bit bad but baring up at the moment, shall I just put one on tomorrow? shall i ride it out and stop the patches? Go down in a patch again...god i don't know what i should do?

Anyone been here before?

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I wouldn't chance it. Put the patch on and finish the course .congrats for getting this far


Welcome back to the forum :D

I'm doing it cold turkey but if you are on patches I recommend you do the full course as prescribed.

Two reasons are:

1. It gets you used to not going through the physical act of smoking.

2. It will slowly wean you off the nicotine, making it easier when you finally stop using patches.

It seems to me though that your biggest hurdle is to understand and accept that you are an addict, just like a drug addict or an alcoholic.

Like all of us on here, you can't have just one, because one leads to a total relapse.

Understand this, accept this and remember NOPE (Not One Puff Ever) and you will succeed where you have previously failed. :cool:



I totally realise the addiction thing, sort of feel silly that I have to quit again, should not have done that silly just one puff. Old enough now to know better.

but as they say you learn from your mistakes

I have now put the patch on, and see what difference it makes, i think it is 2 more weeks at this stage, which would be about a total of 8 weeks then see how i feel and slowly come down.

thanks for the quick reply's, i know that I should put it on anyway, silly trying to test myself



hate to throw a spanner in the works but ...

you have gone the day without a patch right? so .. maybe you could cut down quicker than 'recommended'? personally I think the guidelines are just that .. guides.

I always thought i needed the nico particularly at 5pm .. that was my mental trigger point .. didn't really bother me up to then.

What I'm trying to say is very one is different and it may not be the end of the world if you do miss a patch .. you have the reassurance that you can put one on, as you have done, if you miss it. No biggie!

does that make any sense at all? lol


i think you should do what you want and what you feel strong enough for get your head in the right place totally before you even think about coming off the patches i went on to the inhalator after patches then naturally just used it less and less everyone is different and just do what feels right



Well I finished my course of patches a week early, but I did a week with the step 3 10mg ones, so if I'd have forgotten one when I was in the middle step then I would stick one on the next day. To be honest I dunno if I'd of got through without patches, those first few hard weeks would have been too hard without my safety net. Do the full course gradually dropping down I say.


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