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No Smoking Day
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The Final Straw

The final straw was when my 8 year old daughter found out (my 11 old son told her). I have been smoking on and off now (mainly on!) for 20 years, and have made various other quit attempts before, the most succesful being 3 1/2 years. I typify the once a 'smoker always a smoker'

I had stated that once my duty free tobbaco ran out that would be it, well 1 more 50g packet of Golden Virgina down (£15 :eek: ) and I have now bitten the bullet.

So here I am 37 years old father of 2, no health problems, fit and active, I can run 10k in about 50 minutes, and yet I am stupidly addicted to the evil tobacco. Its ridiculos I look on other smokers youger and older than me an I have these thoughts in my head,

Younger - OMG you are so stupid, why are you even starting, cant you read the warnings!!!

Older - OMG you are so stupid, lokk at what it has done to your skin etc, why didnt you give up years ago.

Yes completly irrational thoughts in my head, as I myself sit there smoking as well, so I have given up (7th day in :D )

My major reasons

Future health implications

My children and wife

The fact that I am just plain embarresed by being addicted to something so bloody stupid and expensive

Getting cold and wet standing in the rain

Always looking for an excuse to pop around the corner out of site of my children (I have never smoked in front of them)

I know that the feelings for me of wanting one will never go away, so any advice on moving past that stage will be much appreciated.

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Welcome to forum, Forrest :)

Good reasons to be quitting the smokes and also good previous quits going on there...thinking of the 3 1/2 year one.

You mention the feelings of wanting one never going away and I wonder if that's how you felt in your previous quits and specifically the 3 1/2 year one. We here advocate the read, read, read and educate yourself smoke free. It really does help to get a thorough understanding of the issue. A big part is changing ones mindset.

Sadly we don't have too many stickies despite the need. So in that lack please read a couple of members previous posts for some sterling advice. These are Austinlegro and Helsbelles. Austin has posted for many years and has an excellent turn of phrase and way with words. Helen also positively seeps great advice from each and every post.

That aside, look into links in my sig to help with further information to aid you on your journey. Also ask questions, take part, support others in their journey.




...please read a couple of members previous posts for some sterling advice. These are Austinlegro and Helsbelles.

Erm...just in the reading back of my post above it struck me that I wasn't gracious enough to mention that many other members, the vast majority, also have excellent advice to provide regards stopping smoking. They do and it is indeed excellent :)


Thanks for your kind words,

I have just dowloaded Alan Carrs book which I am going to read through, havent read it before but heard good reports about it,



The Final Straw

Good afternoon Forrest congratulations on deciding to give it another go. You mention "how could I have been so stupid to become addicted to tobacco" Forgive yourself, when you light up your first cigarette you had no idea how addictive nicotine was and still is. Apparently it's more addictive than alcohol.

Like you I decided or more correctly health issues forced me to decide to stop. I'm almost 66 smoked for 41/42 years knowing full well that I wasn't doing my heath any good let alone my bank balance but what I didn't know was that I was addicted to the stuff.

Up to press I'm 89 days nicotine free with the aid of patchs and attendance at a 8 week smoking cessation class.

So don't pass up this opportunity to kick the smoking well and truly into touch whist you have age on your side.

So young man give this your best shot I can assure you that the long benefits far outweigh the discomfort,pain even of quitting.

Michael a.k.a:-lefoy123 Glasgow


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