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No Smoking Day
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Hi Everyone

I am on day four of my 1st attempt at stopping after 18 years going cold turkey i did also read alan carrs book after stopping. Alot of it made sense (after i ignored the arrogance that annoyed me) particularly the fear that somehow not smoking would change me as a person and make my life miserable when infact its the opposite.

As it is early days i have been focusing on what i have found so far the obvious is money a huge motivating factor but surprisingly i have noticed i have more time on my hands which i am making good use of eating but i will give myself a few more days to adjust and tackle that.

So onwards and upwards xx

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Well done Myja on your quit, I am doing cold turkey also.

I have tried all ways to quit but first time cold turkey, so far so good.

Like you I am eating a little more than I should , but I will sort that out soon.

One thing at a time.

Keep posting Myja it does help as we are all in the same boat.

Joanie x


Hi myja welcome to the forum and well done on your quit....that made me laugh more time to eat how true..xx



Nice to know other ppl understand thats why I joined tho friends and family been great think they might be getting fed up of me harping on about not smoking.

Have planned a day out wi kids at weekend spend some money I've saved will stay away from the vino incase I murder my other half for his cigs



well done!

I really admire people who go cold turkey, it's got to be the best way but I'm too weak to do it! Good luck to you both, stick with it, eat and be happy!!!


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