I'm drunk, but at least I'm not smoking!

Okay, so I had a couple of drinks with dinner. Well, perhaps more than a couple. And so I'm drunk, okay?

Is that a crime?

I'm enjoying my state of inebriation, particularly because it's not punctuated with tobacco smoke. In fact, it's been almost thirty-six days since I've taken a puff.

I'm a happy camper, even if the room is spinning slightly tonight. Tell you what - next round's on me! :D

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  • Hee hee......good on you :D

  • LMAO- and you can still type (and spell) well done, I'm impressed! :D

  • Well done :D

    Great to get back to 'normal' activities now that you've embedded ridding yourself of smelly smokes.

    I'll raise a pint to your excellent progress tomorrow when I'm out on my usual Friday afterwork session.

  • Ditto Dot!

    I was amazed too that typing and spelling was ok if you were that drunk! LOL I would have not been as impressive nor articulate ....

    Congrats on the no smokes though! :D

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