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Day 62 599242

Yes month three, got ulcers and bleeding gums, sleeping better that I was, still have no intention of smoking again ever.

Not had any patches for over a week and no inhalator in seems like forever.

So some stats for you 599242 smoking related deaths worldwide since I quit 62 days ago. My life expectancy has increased by four days hope their good days lol. I have not smoked 930 cigs, 8370 drags on a cig have not been had, i have not payed £325.50 for the pleasure of killing myself and banked £600 as of this month.

Sometimes it's hard to be a smoker that's not smoking. It's even harder to smoke when your dead!

In 3-9 months breathing problems get better as cilia in the lungs grow back after being burned to stumps and your lung function improves by 10 %.

I feel free for the first time in years. My past life as a smoker has cost me well in excess of £56406 that's £19000 more than the cost of my first house disgraceful.

I truly believe that if you have smoked then you are never a non smoker just a smoker that's nots smoking at the moment and it's enough to keep me going, never ever again. I'm winning the battles that will secure the war.

Good luck to you all.

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Awwww well glad you are so positive:D


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