Ok so my health has been reasonably good before quiting had gall bladder problems which they removed, hayfever in summer and lovely depression

since quiting i have been very lethargic and i have had numbers of coldsores

When i went to see the doctors non smoking nurse(I quit with tesco smokin service) she told me to see how my coldsores go as i had 3rd one in 2 weeks, now 3 weeks i have had the 4th one, Im missing work because im unable to get up in the morning ok its voluntary but i have just applied for paid position in the same company am totally fed up with it all would rather smoke if its going to be like this forever

Oh may i add in about a hour or so this lethargic goes and im like a little kid who has had to many e numbers :confused:

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  • One thing I wouldn't hold on to is that going back to smoking would be in any shape or form helpful. It would be a very, very small percentage who would agree smoking is beneficial...and they are all presumably deluded ;)

    When at first we stop smoking our phsyiology does get thrown out of kilter. That's because we have been existing whilst also poisoning ourselves and our bodies have tried to accommodate that poison within us. The first wee while is basically the body trying to revert back to the normal position of functioning nicotine poison free.

    We do rebalance again and I'm assuming that you will too, PLL86.

    That said, your medical advisor is the expert in this equation.

  • Oh i would take medical advise.....if i could get in to see them!! totally fed up of feeling like this for passed 5 weeks :(

  • Oh i would take medical advise.....if i could get in to see them!! totally fed up of feeling like this for passed 5 weeks :(

    Sorry to hear/read this re getting to the docs. 5 weeks of general crap-ness is a bummer and my sympathies for it. It will not be any consolation to you that a number of us also suffered unduly. Nevertheless we did...and popped out the other end into a much brighter and healthier position.

    Do keep on keepin' on :)


  • Hi Pll86

    chin up chick, you are doing so well, sorry you are feeling crap...I can sympathize with the lethargy as I am feeling that too only all day and it does get you down. The cold sores must be getting to you also think stress can bring them on and they hurt like hell they could also be a sign of the crap coming out of your body.

    I know you wont smoke but can understand you asking if its all worth know the answer to that and yes of cause its worth it, think of all those calories you will burn off at the gym cause your breathing is so much better, and you will find your mood will lift after exercise and you will feel so much better....:)

  • Don't let life get you down...

    I'm feeling lethargic too and have been for 7 weeks. I don't have cold sores but my gums are bleeding, I'm spotty and bloated and generally feel terrible. Normally I would get home from work and rush around cooking, tidying I get home from work, fix myself something easy to eat (I've filled the fridge with salady bits that I can just throw on a plate) because I can't be bothered to cook any more, then lie on the sofa for hours and watch telly. Then I go to bed and only sleep about half the night, then wake feeling tired and like I want to stay in bed forever. I'm in a bubble, just going through the motions, and I'm guessing it'll have to be like this for a while if I'm not going to smoke. The advice about exercise is probably good - I actually went on ebay last night to look for zumba dvds but that's as far as I've got so far........ stay with it, accept being lethargic, and wait for it to go away when it's ready. DON'T SMOKE !!!!!! :p

  • Let's get it on

    Exactly Poppy!

    There are various different messages coming from this stage of quitting - subtle compared with the early days but they are there for a reason and will be for the foreseeable future.

    We are working towards reinstatement of our lives as they were before we quitted the addictive weed .. Only much cleaner, much more healthy! So is that not worth all the c¥¥p that we need to put up with in the meantime?

    Come on girls (and Cav) sort out what is real and what is a reaction to quitting the weed and then let's get on with the next phase in our life...

    We are strong xxx

  • ...and Cav...

    Been there, got the pink lungs too...4 years plus [/smug]

    Being frae Embra I read this Weegie tome:

  • Been there, got the pink lungs too...4 years plus [/smug]

    Being frae Embra I read this Weegie tome:

    Hee hee :D

  • Frae embra

    lot to be said for the inscription on the weegie tome. It sums up my attitude to quitting completely,perhaps it's because I'm from Glasgow where calling a spade a spade comes natural.

    Where in earth did all these peeps who witter on about how difficult it is to quit get the idea it would be easy. Perhaps if they got their heads round the concept that they are addicted to nicotine, they would appreciate the enormity of the task in front of them. As I may have mentioned in some earlier posts I'm a recovering alcoholic of some 21+ years, kicking the alcohol addiction was p*ss easy compared to stopping smoking.

    Presently I'm 87 days nicotine free with the aid of patchs and smoking cessation classes and beginning to feel almost human again

    Michael a.k.a:- lefoy123 in Glasgow

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